Get Paid to Workout with Me!



WOW…!  —> This headline generated more than $25,000 in sales in just ONE DAY!


Maybe its been done before, but, in my 25 years of fitness marketing, I’ve never seen anything like it.


Listen… I’m not a big fan of “bait and switch” type advertising. Or, the parsing of words. It’s just “trickery” and most people don’t fall for it.


But, I have to admit this is very creative marketing whether I agree with it or not.


And if you landed on this page because you clicked on the link from FaceBook, LinkedIn or Twitter... then, you just proved to yourself how effective that headline is. 


It piqued your interest, right?


This campaign was created by one of our PLF customers named Danny.  He is a seasoned, marketing-savvy fitness trainer who knows a thing or two about getting new clients — and keeping them.


It’s a Simple Proposition


The idea is the same as that used by lawyers, CPA firms and other top-tier professional services firms.  It’s a retainer model.  Here’s how it works.


The client pre-pays the law firm a set retainer fee like $10,000. Then, every time he or she calls on their services for legal documents, consultation or other services, the law firm simply deducts the cost from the retainer.


 A Twist on the Model


Danny’s model is similar, but, with a twist.  He gives back most of the client’s money.  Here’s the basic premise:


His 12-Session Package of 30-minute, one-on-one training is typically $499.  But, at the point of sale, he charges his clients $1,099.  That’s $600 dollars more than the package. 


At the end of each session, he “pays” his client $50 dollars.   Pretty simple, right?


Why Do This..?


Danny believes that most people are “money motivated.”  


That cash is one of the best incentives for short-term gain or gratification.  


He became frustrated with the number of  training, weight-management and other fitness clients who simply lost motivation and stopped showing up.  Even for pre-paid sessions.  


So, he turned the situation into a game whereby he compensates his clients with their own money.


I won’t go into all the details, but, to be sure … it is a Fitness Challenge.  


And, Danny is a pretty good “closer.”  He always asks his clients if they are motivated. 


And, ultimately, if they are willing to prove it by putting up the $1,099….  with the understanding, that for each session they miss they forfeit the $50.


On the other hand, for each completed session, Danny immediately hands the client a fresh, crisp $50 dollar bill (he gets them from the bank.)


He has lots of other built-in incentives, motivational tactics and other nuances that make training with Danny a positive, results-oriented experience. 


For, example, if the client earns back his or her $600 dollars he gives them an extra session


There are incentives for referrals


He has special family plans, co-worker plans and fitness buddy programs.

And, Another Smart Move


Here’s how clever Danny is.  


When he collects the $1,099 from a client, he puts the money into short-term interest bearing accounts (info) where he’s earning a little bit of interest on that money during the 12 weeks.   It’s not a lot, just under 2% but it all counts.


FYI:  His “Get Paid to Workout with Me” program/promotion was launched via a “Money Mailer,” Craig’s List, Facebook paid ads and a local newspaper classified ad.  


His first day he closed 23 new clients out of more than 300 inquiries.  (23 x $1,099 = $25,277)


This model isn’t for everybody.  But, it’s pretty clever, so, I wanted to share it with you.


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