How to Convert $11.99 into $23,000 – Old School Style


At first, it was hard to believe. But then, again, there are some really smart fit pros and health coaches in our industry.


And they use their creativity to help leverage their branded fitness products into some very effective branded fitness marketing.


It also explains why Erica will become a gazillionaire if she continues to use her creative marketing skills!


Here’s why…


Erica Lowell is a trainer near St. Louis who converted a $11.99 Daily Journal into a $23,000 dollar corporate contract.


And YOU can do the exact same thing!

Is She Just Like You?


Erica’s training operation is not particularly big. She does NOT claim to be any kind of marketing genius. And, even though she’s attended a bunch of marketing workshops none of the big name fitness marketing consultants or gurus ever taught her this tactic. She came up with it herself.


And, it’s Freakin’ AWESOME!


Last year in October, she ordered 25 daily journals with her logo on the cover.


She used 10 for her new boot camp clients. But rather than keep the other 15 journals, she decided to use them for marketing.


Here’s Her Idea…. You Could Do This


  • First, she identified the 15 largest corporations in the St. Louis area. (took 15 min.)


  • Next, she made a series of phone calls, google searches, linked-in searches, etc. to identify the Directors and Vice Presidents of Human Resources of those companies. (2 hours)


  • Then, she wrote an awesome letter full of facts and figures about workers, their health and their lifestyles. (3 hours to research and write).   I’ve posted the exact letter for you to download.

Downloads as an MS Word Doc – So you can edit


  • Then, she enclosed her own branded Daily Journal along with her awesome letter, resume (including certifications) and business card and sent 15 packages to the Directors and Vice Presidents of Human Resources for the 15 largest corporations in the St. Louis area. (30 min.)


In less than 10 days she received phone calls from 6 of the recipients. That’s an AMAZING 40% callback rate. (not normal)


Of those six phone calls, four were simply acknowledgements and thanks for the package. However two of the Human Resource Executives set up appointments with her.


In the end, one of the companies retained Erica to design and implement a 9-month Executive Management Wellness program for eight of their top-tier executives. They retained her for $2,500 per month and she also received another $500 for materials for a total of $23,000.


I won’t go into the details of her program, but I can assure you it’s nothing more than what most fitness professionals do every day. The program hardly impacted her day-to-day business. So, this was all pure additional profit.


And, of course, she incorporated the ONBOARD-101 curriculum along with the Journals. 


Here’s Why This is so Cool


In today’s marketing world… it seems like everything is all about websites, blogs, social media, videos, funnel marketing and an array of complex, intertwined strategies and tactics.


And then, along comes Erica who simply identifies who she wishes to work with — sits down and writes an awesome letter — puts a piece of her business (Journal) into an envelope and sends it!


Sometimes, it’s the simple stuff 

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