How to Project Expert Authority and Leadership


At the end of the day…


  • Most people purchase the TRAINER… not training.


  • The COACH…. not the coaching.


  • The CONSULTANT… not the consultation.


That being the case, it really doesn’t matter how many degrees or certifications you’ve earned (not yet).


And, it doesn’t really matter what you charge (unless that’s your total strategy).


What matters is YOU! 


So…. how you project YOU… 


…is HUGE!


Here’s why…


Long before a conversion takes place a prospect is going to make a few emotional judgements and then justify those judgements during the next step, logic. 


For example:


Before you even meet a prospective client, he or she may have already visited your website… or, your social media platforms… like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. 



What do they a see..?    Whatever you’re PROJECTING.  


If it results in a positive judgement… he or she will take the next step and make CONTACT with YOU (to validate their initial judgement).


On the other hand, if it results in negative judgement, he or she will move on… AND YOU’LL NEVER EVEN KNOW IT.


That’s why I often read about fit pros and health coaches who are disappointed with their Facebook advertising. 


They pay for lots of leads, likes and comments… but, those are NOT CONVERSIONS!


There are tons of reasons for this… but, for sure, your WEBSITE / SOCIAL MEDIA and what you PROJECT is crucial to advancing a prospective client to the NEXT STEP




I know this is self-serving, but, it’s also TRUE.


One of my fitness partners for whom we built a complete website is having great success with the CALL-TO-ACTION VIDEO 12-PACK.


I know this because I can monitor how many times the videos are viewed on his website. 


 A lot!


We embedded them on a single landing page along with a brief paragraph about each topic and how each client will receive this “Value-Added KNOWLEDGE” when they train with him. 

Click or Tap to View


Plus, he’s uploaded them several times on social media with links back to that same landing page


So, here’s the thing….


More than once, new clients have mentioned  “those quirky little videos!


They were fun and informative.


And, they helped position him as an AUTHORITY and EXPERT.


So, they advanced to the NEXT STEP and made CONTACT.




Most fit pro and health coaching websites have all the same components.  About Us, Schedule, Client Testimonials, Services Offered, etc.   


They may look different but the content is typically the same! 


So, the CALL-TO-ACTION VIDEO 12-PACK will help you BREAKOUT.  




Of course, it would be a stretch to say these VIDEOS make all the difference.  


But, if you truly want to continually to hammer home and PROJECT your EXPERT AUTHORITY positioning, then, they are a HUGE HELP. 



You can use these VIDEOS over and over again on:

  • Your Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • … and even with your email… 


Just as the name implies, they are specifically designed to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your business!  


You probably cover all these TOPICS in the course of your programming and training packages.


So why not PROMOTE and PROJECT your EXPERT AUTHORITY positioning..?  



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