Ultimate Lead Generator Part II


I received a ton of email about the Ultimate Lead Generator post.


So, I am going to go step-by-step in order to demonstrate the basic strategy that was implemented and how it was executed.


This is a simplified version, but will provide a better understanding of the “lead generator” approach.



WARNING:  This is only if you plan to use ONBOARD 101 as a LEAD GENERATOR – and, NOT a profit generator.  However, this same approach can be used with any “high-value” offer.  

(FYI: FREE REPORTS, RECIPES, MIND MAPS, etc. are NOT high-value.)




The offer is simple. Your ONBOARD 101 should be positioned as a complimentary service being offered as part of your “ongoing educational outreach program” and as a way to “give back to the community.”

* (FYI – this can be leveraged into a complete PR campaign… but that’s a different topic for a different post)


Throughout your communications, you will need to reaffirm that there is NO COST whatsoever.  No request for credit card informationNO OBLIGATIONS…!


People will still be skeptical, at first.  But, once a they realize it’s an HONEST OFFER, then, word-of-mouth will spread like wild fire!



Next, identify your target(s).  Depending on who you plan to target, you can find the information in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Local Business Journals, Hoovers, Yellow Pages, etc. 


Here are just a few ideas:

  • Local companies (by number of employees)
  • Local high schools, community colleges, universities
  • Churches and / or faith-based organizations
  • Local Municipalities
  • Community Organizations (business, social, HOAs, etc.)
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Gated communities and condo complexes


Here’s an Example for Orange County, California


However, the identification process does NOT stop there. 


It is crucial that you get the CONTACT INFORMATION for the person who can implement or communicate your offer to the ENTIRE COMPANY.


For example, for most companies, you would want to contact the person in charge of HUMAN RESOURCES since he or she is typically responsible for insurance, employee benefits and wellness programming.


You can find the contact through several resources such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or, call the company and ask for the name.



You absolutely must secure this information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email


The e-mail address will be the most difficult to obtain.  


Don’t worry.  It’s not crucial at this step of the process.  You’ll get it later… especially if they are interested in your complimentary offer.




Yes, this tactic calls for a very “targeted” direct mail campaign with a hard copy letter sent via regular snail mail.  It may be old school, but more and more successful marketers are reverting back to it. 


It is a much more professional presentation.


Before we get into the composition of the letter, let’s discuss the preparation.


Since you are creating a “target list” it’s important to think about how and where you’re going to store it.  Personally, I like to keep all my lists in spreadsheets.  Some lists are in Microsoft Excel while others are kept in a Google Doc spreadsheet.


For this project, consider a goal of at least fifty (50) “target” contacts.


Another consideration is learning how to create a “merge” document/letter where the merge fields are populated with your “list data” — allowing you to print all of your letters at once. 


And, of course, you do the exact same thing with envelopes.


If you don’t know how to write and print “merge documents” then, hook-up with a local secretarial service or an “online virtual assistant.” 


Here are a few resourcesOdesk, Fiverr, Freelancer.  In their search boxes, just type in something like, “mail merge letter.”


Listen, while I mention you should have at least 50 targets… having 100 targets would be even better. 


If there is one thing true of sales and marketing… it is a NUMBERS GAME.  Your sales revenue will always be directly related to the NUMBER of people you reach.  Always.

Let’s Write a Professional Letter



Personally, I prefer to use a conversational style of writing. 


However, when writing to executives, community leaders and others with a “title” or “position,” a more formal style is required.  This falls into the realm of: “when in Rome…do as the Romans!”


With that said, here is a good “corporate letter” template to get you started.  CLICK HERE..

*** TIP:  You could also enclose your ONBOARD 101 Trifold! 


Now, go out and buy a roll of stamps or two and get mailing..!



O.K., now that you’ve mailed your letters, you may think it’s time to sit back and see what happens.  But, that’s not the case.

Auto Responder Campaigns:


I am only going to gloss over this topic of Email Marketing, AutoResponders and AutoResponder Campaigns as it’s a whole topic in and of itself.  


But, you do need to learn about them.


First off, they are nothing more than “direct mail” campaigns, except that you’re using email instead of regular mail and the entire process is “front loaded” and automated.  And, of course, postage is free.


A few of the more popular email marketing websites include:


All of the above mentioned Email Marketing programs have excellent TUTORIALS on how to set-up and implement Email Marketing and AutoResponder programs. 


And, once you get the hang of it, you’ll become a marketing dynamo…!  Done right, email marketing is very effective.


If you already know how to use AutoResponders, then, you definitely want to use this tactic for WMU-101.

Your Initial ListAutoResponders


Set your AutoResponder campaign to send no more than 3 emails to your “target list.


After you’ve already sent your hard copy letters to your targets, set your first AutoResponder to be sent at least 7-10 days later (assuming you have their email addresses).  


Make sure your emails are short and to the point.  And, be sure to add a link to your ONBOARD 101 DASHBOARD and include each person’s login information via custom “mail_merge_field.”


Here’s an example of a short email. (I’m sure you can be more creative than this..)  The point of this email is to remind your targeted HR Director about:

  • what the ONBOARD 101 site is


  • that it is a complimentary service with no obligations


  • how to login via links for quick access



  • #2 Email to be sent about 15-17 days after initial letter was sent.


  • #3  Email to be sent about 21-24 days after initial letter was sent.


The Fun Begins – Data Capture & List Building


So, let’s assume Ms. Davis, the HR Director is excited about the complimentary offer and sends a memo out to all employees regarding your ONBOARD 101 course


And, people start to enroll… right from their workplace computers or mobile devices!


This is where the fun begins!  As people enroll, your ONBOARD 101 website automatically sends to you an email with contact information of the enrollee. (see below)   TIME to BUILD YOUR LIST!



Before I progress much further… I want to share something with you.  Almost 100% of all sites (especially fitness websites) attempting to build email lists offer nothing more than a FREE REPORT.




Alright, moving on…


So, just imagine… A single company with more than 300 staff and employees signing-up in one day


It happens!  


That’s a lot of new qualified prospects for your list — and for your business — especially if you pick-up the training sales on the backend!


If you are experienced with AutoResponder campaigns, then consider setting up 12 or more different emails for each new ONBOARD 101 participant – spread out over 12 weeks.  


Granted, that’s a lot.  But, if you are willing to spend the time and effort, the return on investment will be huge.


Here are few important things you might consider to include in each email:


  • Make yourself available to answer questions – email link


  • Provide link to your training appointment book or similar– link


  • Provide a link to your group class schedules – link


  • Offer a positive motivational quote




Marketing is a conveyor belt. 


Successful marketers continually put new ideas, new promotions and new activities in motion. 


In addition, they constantly scout out new markets or groups of people who can benefit from their existing products or services.


To that end, consider how many different groups of people could benefit from ONBOARD 101 and eventually your services. 


It’s literally UNLIMITED..!


So, STEP #5 is to simply RECREATE the first four steps with a different TARGET GROUP.


In Summary

  1. Create the Offer
  2. Identify the Target
  3. Introduce Your Offer with Targeted Direct Mail
  4. Follow-up with Autoresponders
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 with a new Target


For more information about ONBOARD 101 please CLICK HERE.


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