World’s Smartest Trainer


O.K., O.K…..  Maybe not the “All-Time World’s Smartest Trainer” by your own definition.


But, certainly one of the smartest, most cleaver and profitable marketing approaches I’ve heard about in a long time.  


In just one month, it resulted in 27 new clients!


Yes, that’s right. 27 new clients!


One month!  And, it almost happened by accident.


Here’s the very condensed version:


The Trainer | Doctor Partnership


  • Trainer goes to his regular doctor for a yearly check-up.



  • Doctor is intrigued enough to schedule an appointment with the trainer for a full demonstration (at the doctor’s office).


  • Trainer shows doctor and support staff how to operate the ONBOARD 101 website during a full two-hour meeting (that’s HUGE!).


  • Two weeks later, doctor proposes a partnership with trainer whereby doctor and staff gain full access to ONBOARD 101 website  as part of their Patient Portal.  In return for use of the ONBOARD 101 website , doctor agrees to refer patients to trainer. 


Details of Note

  • First off, this is not rocket science.   In reality, it was serendipitous in that the trainer just happened to be reviewing his client roster on ONBOARD 101 website  while waiting for his doctor in the exam room.  Upon entering the room, the doctor commented on how smart it was that he play a “video game” while waiting.   The trainer immediately says, …“this is no video game” and proceeds to show the doctor his ONBOARD 101 website .   This was pure luck… but at least the trainer took advantage of the opportunity!


  • Getting a sales meeting with a doctor is huge.  Getting the entire support staff together for a sales presentation is almost impossible.  Fortunately, the sales meeting was scheduled “after hours” which allowed for Q&A and a hand’s-on demo of the ONBOARD 101 website .  Not all doctors will do this.  However, with the economy and healthcare model in transition, doctors and other medical professionals are LOOKING FOR NEW VALUE-ADDED, ENGAGEMENT TOOLS, too!


  • In this particular case, the doctor’s support staff sends monthly emails to their patient list.   In every email is a link to the trainer’s ONBOARD 101 website. Note: This is done with complete transparency regarding the trainer’s association with clinic as an outside vendor


  • If a patient signs up for the ONBOARD 101 curriculum, the trainer captures the email address and can enter the client into his own marketing funnel for personal training sessions and/or group training packages.


  • At any given time, the doctor’s office can login and monitor patient/client progress.


Where Does it Go From Here..?


Listen… I know this situation is not going to be the same for everyone.  A lot depends on your certifications, skill sets and, frankly, your determination and drive. 


But, if you are not at least attempting to open some dialog with the medical community, then you are missing out on one of the most lucrative “NEW CLIENT” referral opportunities on the planet.


  • For example, in this case, the doctor is part of a “Family Practice” medical group where he share offices with four (4) other General Practice Physicians — all of whom have tons of their own patients.   The first doctor has already shared this information with his doctor partners.  


  • Believe it or not… most medical groups and physicians do NOT have tools like the ONBOARD 101 website , Daily Journals, Reference Manuals etc.  And, look… even if they did..  they do not have the time to implement the training component and follow-ups.  It’s NOT what they do.  They don’t even know these resources exist!  So, as a fallback, they continue to hand out this generic advice:  “Eat right and exercise!”   You could literally become their “knight in shining armor!”  


This same trainer also recently purchased the SEMINAR KIT that serves as a complete presentation and marketing program including the powerpoint presentation: “Finally, the Truth About Weight-Management.” 


And guess where he presents once a month?   That’s right… AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE conference room, of course! 

Bottom Line


Here’s the bottom line.   Will this type of doctor/trainer partnership work for you…?



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