Are You Famous?



JJ Johnson is.  At least within his market area.  His branding is impressive.


JJ is a sophisticated marketer and understands the value of imprinting his brand on his clients and members.  But it wasn’t always this way.


How did JJ become famous?  It’s all about capturing “mind-share.”


Who’s Captured Your Mind?


Here’s what this means:  The battle for your mind is intense.  Just ask any national brand manager.  Marketers know that each of us have only a limited amount of “brain space” dedicated to a certain category.


So, the marketer’s goal is to focus you on only one brand for that product category.  If successful, you will become loyal to the brand and will not even think to venture away from it.  That’s captured mind-share.


Think about the items you purchase, such as deodorant, toothpaste, coffee, apparel, shoes, etc.  Are there any to which you are particularly loyal?


Branding is Not a One-Shot Deal


Good marketers continually “pound” their brand into their customers’ consciousness.  It’s called imprinting.  


Look at all of the top premium clubs.  They put their brand on plates, dumbells, bags, books, clothing, supplements, coffee cups, water bottles, etc.  


In fact, they have a whole profit centers for their BRANDED Gear.  This is just smart marketing – and one of the reasons they are a multi-club leader.


What Are We Thinking?


Since fitness is mostly a “sales-driven” business, most club and studio owners don’t pay much attention to building their brands.  


Want proof?


Take a look outside your facility.  I’ll bet there’s a sign or banner with the club/studio logo on it.  Now, take a look inside.  If you’re like most, there’s almost no branding going on at all!


Whoops…!  I take that back  There’s branding going on, alright.  


BUT…. it’s just NOT YOURS..!


Look at your cardio equipment.  Equipment manufacturers are branding like crazy – right under your nose!


Each treadmill has four to five logos on it — along with their 800 number and website


And, they may be co-branding with other companies on the same piece of equipment.  


Then, there are the ellipticals, bikes, plates, dumbells, balls, etc.   It’s almost unbelievable..!



Take the Challenge!  Branding Check List


O.K., just to drive it home, take the BRANDING CHALLENGE and count the logos in your club. Get ready to be shocked!


All these different logos not only compete for mind-share inside your club, but also DILUTE YOUR BRAND DOMINANCE.  Your logo should be the DOMINANT BRAND IN YOUR HOUSE!


My friend J.J. Johnson took the branding challenge and found more than 500 brand impressions inside his 1,500 sq. foot facility.  He only found 25 brand impressions of his logo!  J.J. took immediate action:

  • Ordered all of our products with his logo (we liked that!)
  • Terminated all clothing vendors, Nike, Reebok, etc and ordered all apparel with his logo
  • Created professionally designed stickers with his logo that read: “Thank you for working out with J.J.” The stickers also include his web address.  He put these stickers all over his equipment and used them to cover up other logos within his facility
  • Painted his logo on the walls above the mirrors.

Here’s the pay-off.


J.J. Johnson not only became the dominant brand in his studio, he became the dominant training studio in his market area.  The best compliment came when someone walked into his studio and exclaimed,

“Wow… you must be somebody famous I’ve never heard of!”


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