The Audience Fell Dead Silent….


In our seminars for weight-management and healthy lifestyle, we like to pass along a little calculation during our opening remarks.


We ask the audience these specific questions:


  • How many of you consistently workout 7 days a week..?


A very small number of hands go up….


  • How many of you consistently workout at least 5 days a week..?


More hands go up…


  • How many of you consistently workout at least 3 days a week..?


Even more hands go up….


The Calculation:


Then, we tell the audience that we are going to take the middle group (5-days a week) and make a calculation.


“If you workout five days a week — and we know that statistically your workouts last approximately 60-minutes — then that’s 5 hours per week.  Now, there are 168 hours in a week. 


You take 5 hours and divide it by 168 to get just under 3%.  So, even for those of you who we would consider “highly motivated fitness enthusiasts” – you are spending less than 3% of your time working out.




Yes, that’s when the audience falls dead silent as they comprehend the calculation. 


Honestly, you could hear a pin drop!  


You can see it in their eyes…  “What… can that be right? “


It’s funny when you put numbers to things.

Into the Presentation


That’s when you have their attention.  We usually follow up that calculation with this statement:


“So, tonight, we are going to talk about what you’re doing the other 97% of your time.  That includes eating, sleeping, working and playing.”


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