Who Wants to Make More Money?


What business owner doesn’t want – or need – to make more money?


Have you ever wondered why some owners make more money than others? 

I can tell you without hesitation that it’s all about taking action. (I know you’ve heard this before!)


So, here are some of the ways “ACTION TAKERS” are closing sales and making money.


First off, there are lots of interesting pricing models going on with ONBOARD 101.


But, you could use a similar model with any “content rich” or “interactive” programs.




This is where clubs and studios take a look at their list of services and ask themselves, “What could we add to make this a better ‘value-proposition’ and make more money.”


For example, almost every club and studio offers a 6-pack of training sessions.  Let’s say it’s priced at $399. 


Why not transform that same package into a “Good-Better-Best” scenario:


That’s just one example. 


Obviously, you could do the same with a 12-pack or 3-month package or any kind of bundle.  The point is, you’ve created some choices. 


And, you’d be surprised how effective good-better-best” scenarios work.  About 80% will choose the middle price-point.




If you sell memberships for your club or studio, then, adding premium services (like interactive content) at the point-of-sale to increase the monthly EFT amount is a natural. 


There are several clubs using their ONBOARD 101 as part of a premium membership to boost their EFT payments with NO ADDED OVERHEAD


Here’s an example:


One ONBOARD 101 subscriber owns a large club and has already enrolled over 500 members into his ONBOARD 101 program via EFT at point-of-sale membership.


Normal monthly dues are $49.99.   The ONBOARD 101 adds an additional $4.95 per month ($54.94) and is marketed as part of a premium membership package.


That’s $4.95 x 500 = $2,475 per month / $29,700 per year in NET PROFITS (with almost no overhead or labor costs).   Plus, it’s driving referrals.   And, it continues to grow.




There are dozens of ways to add online services to your fitness business.  After all… at the end of the day, what you’re really offering is fitness and exercise “knowledge.” 


That means “content.”


The big difference is that you do it “in-person” in order to monitor technique and for up-close interaction.  And, frankly, that’s the way it SHOULD BE.


But, in today’s accelerating pace, not everybody can make it to your studio or club. 


And, what about your members who are constantly on the road?  Or, the vacationing client who really wants to “keep it going” even during vacation.


With today’s technology including Skype, Zoom, Facebook live, mobile devices and other “cloud-based” services, the ACTION TAKERS are developing their online services. 


Here are just two scenarios from some of our fitness professional partners:


The Hybrid Model:

This model is where you offer both “onsite training” as well as “online training” for clients who travel or can’t maintain a consistent schedule. 


Membership Sites: 

Membership sites are becoming increasing popular among internet marketers who have some “real content” that is valuable to their members.



Marketing-savvy fitness entrepreneurs are embracing this model with sites that can offer Education, Nutrition and Video Workouts (CONTENT).


This can all be accomplished with ONBOARD 101, and YouTube (especially if you have your own exercise videos).


These platforms are already structured as “subscriber sites.”  


If you have a webmaster, you should at least start the discussion of “membership website” as a way to start generating new online income.




Less than 5% of fitness websites have integrated eCommerce into their business.


And, even those that do, typically use a third-party e-Commerce platform like MindBodyOnline.com, BigCommerce.com or an assortment of “one-size-fits-all” type solutions.  That’s because setting up an eCommerce solution was difficult.


But, no more.  Today, eCommerce can be added to your existing website very easily and inexpensively.  Especially if your website is built with WordPress.


There are plenty of “Plug-Ins” that allow you to take payments with PayPal as well as Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover.


You can most definitely leverage the eCommerce opportunities.  It allows you to sell all kinds of:

  • Training Packages
  • Nutrition Services
  • Weight-Management Services
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Membership Content (see above)
  • Offsite and Onsite Events
  • Home Fitness Equipment


Start simple.


Then, grow it. 


Most clubs and studios start with online training packages and continue to build their online presence. 


It is a process. 


But, you have to start somewhere.  So, again, start talking to your webmaster about eCommerce for your site!


Over time… you’re going to be glad you started these online initiatives


You’ll be one of the ACTION TAKERS making more money, growing a bigger business and achieving the highest levels of success!

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