How to HELP Your Clients Navigate STRESS…!!

How to deal with STRESS


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If you are a Health Coach or Fit Pro who consults with clients beyond physical activity and nutrition


And, if you approach other elements of life that we all navigate, then, this is a fantastic introduction to how STRESS impacts our physical and mental health.


Here’s how, in Chapter 11, our ONBOARD 101 Curriculum discusses STRESS.

Video – 1

In this video, we provide a brief overview of stress and how it affects our physical and emotional world.


Video – 2

In this video, we discuss hormone and nerve function as it relates to stress. We also discuss the “fight or flight” vs. “chronic” stress.


Video – 3

Most people don’t realize the impact that stress has on their nutritional intake


It’s like a downward spiral as stress impacts the digestive system and actually causes nutrient depletion.  Net result is lowered metabolism.


Video – 4

In this video, we simply point out that one of the very best ways to deal with stress is EXERCISE.

Stress Assessment CHECKLIST


Here’s a Stress Assessment Check List with a detailed explanation that might serve as a good model for conversation or as an assessment tool.  


You can download it as a .pdf file and simply print as many as you like.  We’ve left space at the top so you can apply your own graphic or logo.

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