Coronavirus – 2019-nCoV Handout

Since we are all health professionals, I’ve always found it really smart to offer my clients various educational handouts on current events, new products, trends and credible information that relates to health, nutrition and in this case, potential health problems

(Click on the image to download).   


Sure, this .pdf document on the Coronavirus – 2019-nCoV is published by the CDC — so, it’s somewhat generic.


But, by at least printing it out and making it available to your clients, it maintains your positioning as a “health professional” and on top of current health events


After all, you are their “go-to” expert when it comes to all things “Health-Related.”


Plus there are links for more information so your clients can drill in as far as they want for more information.  To download this .pdf document, just CLICK HERE…

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