How to Build Your Online Fitness Tribe


By now, you’re well aware the fitness business is rapidly changing


One of the biggest changes is going to come from small clubs, studios, boot camps and spas that have figured out how to run both a “Physical Training Business” and an “Online Coaching Business” at the same time.


Is it happening right now?  Yes.  But, not as many as you might think. 


In reality, there are very few who are aggressively pursuing this “hybrid” model.


Should YOU be doing it right now? 


Maybe… Especially if you’re an advanced internet marketer with deep skill sets in list building, digital marketing, eCommerce, etc.


Should you be THINKING about it and learning new internet marketing skills? 




Why a Hybrid Model?


Why..?  Because this hybrid model is definitely going to become the standard model for the most successful fitness businesses


It offers so many more REVENUE STREAMS and provides the OPPORTUNITY to build a GLOBAL client base for both services and productsWOW…!


As an example, one of our ONBOARD 101 administrators, who maintains an ongoing studio business, hired an SEO Expert to “keyword” his site for “weight management,” “weight loss” and “diet.”


Then, he set-up ONBOARD 101 as an exclusive “membership” site offering a self-guided EFT model for $2.95 per month.  He has over 600 members. In addition, he offers all kinds of “up-sells” to his online members for his other services including:


  • Online, email, or phone consults
  • Private YouTube Fitness Channel
  • eCommerce Store
  • Affiliate Links


You Have an ADVANTAGE..!


And, here’s another super important element.  You don’t need to be successful right out of the gate.  You already have your main club/studio business.  So, you can subsidize and allow the online model to grow over time


You can make mistakes. 


You can fine-tune it.


It’s still so early in the game that there’s no huge amount of pressure. 


So, you can take the time to LEARN, DISCOVER and MOVE FORWARD at your own pace!


How One Studio Does It…


I don’t know all the logistics, but here’s how another one of our studio customers breaks it out for his hybrid model:sa


  • Onsite ONLY (local clients)


  • Online ONLY (long distance clients)


  • FSM – Full Service Member (locals who come to the studio but often travel and use Online Coaching Services)


  • Onsite clients are straight forward with both one-to-one and group sessions.


  • Online clients are booked from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. as well as 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for either 15-minute ($45) or 30 minute ($65) consults using Skype, and ONBOARD 101 and sometimes a phone.


  • Full Service Members (FSM) must fit their ONLINE coaching sessions within the available 10:30 – 2:30 and 8:00 – 9:00p.m. time slots. They use an online scheduler that shows open time slots (Google search: “online scheduler for fitness studio”).  Clients can simply book their own available time slots online.  The scheduler then emails the trainer about the appointment.


One of the interesting things is that all online clients are required to enter and exit through the studio’s eCommerce platform that includes supplements, journals, cookbooks, ropes, bans, balls, bars and several affiliate links


It’s just like checking out at the grocery store where “impulse purchases” are right in front of you!  Very clever.



It’s Food for Thought…. and Then Action!


You are NOT going to hear about any of this from the fitness trade magazines or media


They make their money selling advertising to big equipment mfgs. (hard goods) who have no vested interest in anything “online.”


So, the editorial will not reflect how some of the most marketing savvy health and fitness professionals are conducting a business onlinewithout any equipment!


But, I’ve been in this business a long time and I can assure you this Hybrid Model, and variations of it, are going to become the NORM at some point. 


It’s already started.


So, it’s a good idea to at least start thinking about developing your online skills, or establishing a relationship with a website builder or coder.  


Yup… I’m Totally In..!

Yes, of course, I’ve  jumped into the online model with both feet.  My personal goal is to create the tools for you to offer online content and services – from done-for-you websites to video.  (See the offering below).








Here’s the point…


Beyond what you already know within your PHYSICAL BUSINESS, there is a whole new frontier just waiting for you with an ONLINE BUSINESS



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