How Fit Pros Should Navigate a Post COVID-19 World



To say it’s a “NEW WORLD”… is an understatement.


No matter what type of health professional you are, your business is forever changed.


Most notably, you now know the absolute necessity of your business being able to offer services and products online.”  


If you think for one second that this does NOT apply to you, then, there’s no need to read any further. 


Perhaps, before the coronavirus pandemic, you were in process… or, at least thinking about getting some part of your business generating money “online. 


“Online” Business is a Different Animal


For a variety of reasons, it’s difficult to attract new clients (and maintain existing clients) to the online training world.  But, that’s true of a physical location, too.  


And, in both cases, you’re still trading hours for dollars.  In that respect both the physical and online models are exactly the same


So, I’m not going to address the common issue of getting more clients.  


Instead, let’s address the new world business model of the 100% Online Fitness Trainer and/or Health Coach — especially since these days of crisis — it’s the only option!  


Build it and They Will Come — NOT!


Many fit pros and health coaches are under the false assumption they can simply launch a website, link it to an online training platform (Trainerize, PT Distinction, PT Hub, etc.) throw a few paid ads up on Facebook —  and that’s it!  —> Done!


Or, set-up streaming technology, (Zoom, Skype, etc. ) create “groups,” then, run some paid ads on Facebook, and that’s it!  —> Done!




If only it were that easy!  In fact, that is just the start.


The Online “Mindset”


Here’s the KEY to your online success


If you’re going to build an online training business, you need to: 


  • STOP thinking like a TRAINER…
  • START thinking like an ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR.


Sounds, simple enough, right? 


But, again, it’s not that easy.  It requires a significant shift in MINDSET.


Most credible professionals (like you) got into this business because of a heartfelt passion to help people


It was NEVER about the MONEY


Therefore, the schooling, training and certifications were all about helping people.  Not about making money… or strategic marketing… or entrepreneurship.



Secret #1 —> Passive Income and Recurring Revenue


O.K., so I’ll stop beating-around-the-bush and get straight to the point.


You will literally “die on the vine” if you think you can make it by just offering “online” training sessions — alone.


A 100% online training business model absolutely must create MULTIPLE PROFIT GENERATORS.   


And, the more automated (passive income) the better – so that you can reserve your “hands-on” time for premium-priced, paid coaching and consulting.   


It’s even better if the profit center generates predictable recurring revenue just like an EFT accomplishes for a club or studio membership.  


Recurring revenue not only puts cash in your pocket, but, it also builds equity into your business and your brand — which can be significant if you decide to sell it.   


Here is a MARKETING TRUISM that you should remember forever: 


There is a huge DIFFERENCE between online training and building an online BUSINESS.


The “Upfront” Work 


Without a doubt, creating multiple profit centers requires a ton of “upfront” work.   Yes, this is the part that no one ever seems to address.   


And, hell, YES… it’s freakin’ hard work!  (I know… I’ve done it several times). 


For example, if you’re going to produce your own workout videos for your “Online Body Transformation Programs” then, you’ll need to spend a lot of time and a bit of money to produce them. 


Road Warriors (example)


One of our fitness partners identified a niche and created 12 complete workout programs designed exclusively for female traveling sales professionals (The Road Goddess Program). 


Her programs consist of only body weight exercises and resistance bands because sales people pack light.  So, the bands are perfect. 

To demonstrate her protocol, she literally went to a Holiday Inn and video recorded hours and hours of specific exercises.  More than 200.  Each exercise demonstration was just 20-30 seconds long


She even gave explicit instructions in the videos by saying things like, “Every Holiday Inn has this door knob… so attach the bands right here…”  and so on.  


It took 45 days to complete the video recordings.  But now she has a complete INVENTORY of exercises that she can incorporate into any of her 12 different “online” programs (beginner to advanced athlete ) which means she has 12 different “online” profit generators (Everything password protected).


As an up-sell, she also offers a monthly membership ($19.99/month) where members gain access to her private Facebook group, a monthly tip sheet and online access to her list of healthy eating establishments in 65 metropolitan areas (most of which deliver to motels/hotels).  


Even though it took over 4 months to create her online business, it is 100% fully automated.  This allows her to focus on “content creation” while, at the same time, generating non-stop “passive income.” 


What Else..?

There are tons of ideas and niches for online businesses.  For example:


  • Left-handed Athletes
  • Handicapped Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Sport Specific Training (baseball, football, soccer, skiing, paddle boarding, running, etc.)
  • Career Specific Training/Courses (Firefighters, Police, EMT – We’re in process building out a Firefighter/CPAT website with Steve Nunno right now.
  • Cooking Courses (Vegan, Gluten Free, Family, etc)
  • Mindset & Positive Lifestyle Living
  • Age Specific Fitness Training (age 50+ Men / Women) (We’re building one of these for Sandy Mortenson – lots of balance and ROM exercises/videos).


Right now is not a good time to mention this…. but, last year, I helped an online fitness business get set-up for vacationers who wanted to keep working out while on a cruise ship


Even more amazing, this entrepreneur attracted ad sponsorships (revenue generation) from Norwegian Cruises and Carnival Cruises.  Nice way to offset expenses and pick up new clients!  Very smart marketing!


Examples of Successful Sites


There’s a saying: “If you want to be successful, study SUCCESS.”  In that vein, here’s a small showcase of very professional online fitness businesses.


None of them were “overnight successes.”  All of them started small and took years to gain momentum.  They were the early ones that found a niche and jumped online.   


It’s never too late to get started.  And, I’m NOT suggesting you should create something so elaborate. 


These sites are expensive and most of them have an entire staff running them.  But, they are great studies in “ONLINE FITNESS BUSINESSES.” 


View them as Idea Starters…. just to get your creative juices flowing:  



Secret #2 —> Done-For-You Platforms


If you lack the tech skills or just don’t have time to create your own online programs, you can purchase “Done-for-You” platforms.


My offerings include the BRANDED ONBOARD 101 Program, the new eCommerce/Dropship Program — both of which are branded “bolt-ons” — and designed to generate revenue.


There are plenty of other pre-built, content rich platforms from which to choose. 


The best way to find one that meets your needs is to conduct a search for done-for-you online fitness programs or done-for-you online health coaching programs.   


You also can look for licensed content like these offerings:


The advantages of DONE-FOR-YOU Platforms and / or licensed content are two-fold.  


#1 —> The content has already been created.  This literally saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. 


Just to provide perspective, our ONBOARD 101 course cost well over $100,000 to produce.  That price tag is cost prohibitive for most.  (We recover our costs through volume over time). 


So, in some ways, a done-for-you platform might offer a better solution and higher profits than something you create yourself.

#2 —> Comparatively, it takes almost NO TIME to bring your “product to market!” 


If you are in a hurry to get things moving, then, a done-for-you platform or licensed content might be the best way to go. 


You may still need help with some of the “techie stuff” via a freelancer, but, by far, the biggest obstacle for most is coming up with CONTENT


So, done-for-you platforms or licensed content can be a fantastic solution… even if it’s only temporary while you build-out your own proprietary content.



Secret #3 —> Affiliate Commissions


Another essential profit generator for online businesses is Affiliate Commissions


If this is unfamiliar territory, it’s basically where you place links (text or banner images) on your website that link to other websites like Amazon. 


If a visitor to your site clicks on the link and then makes a purchase, you are paid a commission.  It’s usually not huge, but it adds up.


For a complete description of Affiliate Marketing, just CLICK HERE...


In the fitness space, there are plenty of Affiliate Programs set up for trainers and health coaches who want to earn commissions on home equipment and fitness accessory sales.


Check out PowerSystems, Lifespan Fitness or Workout Warehouse  (I am not affiliated nor endorse any of these companies – shown for example only).   


There are literally 100’s of affiliate programs set up for fitness professionals.


   Affiliate Success…


Even though he’s not in the fitness space, one of the most successful (7 figure) affiliate marketers in the world, is Pat Flynn.  Just visit his website called



Pat Flynn has learned how to “drive affiliate sales” through his podcasts, Youtube channel, online courses, blog and website. 


He is widely considered one of the all-time most successful “online” marketers in the world. 


And, he’s a super nice guy, too!  I highly recommend his podcast.





I saved the most important SECRET (#4) for last.  And, while it’s the most obvious, it’s also the most neglected. 


Even some of the best online fitness pros neglect this.   But, they quickly figure it out and fix it.  


An online business, just like any other business requires you to be PROACTIVE in DRIVING SALES. 


Don’t let that word “passive” as in passive income fool you.


Let me give you real-world example using our nutritional formulations.  


There are hundreds of fitness trainers, studios and clubs who purchase our supplements branded with their own logo and market them “online” with our eCommerce Dropship program. 


To their clients, a fitness professional’s own line of superior, proprietary formulations are perceived as “best-of-breed” products that can NOT be purchased at retail.  They are exclusive.


As a result, year after year I am totally blown away at how many independent trainers sell way more of their branded products than some of the biggest clubs in the country.




Because the big clubs simply put the products on a shelf in their pro shops where they sit…  There’s no pro-active selling


Successful, proactive entrepreneurs present seminars and webinars on “Sensible Supplementation.”


They also post and provide “self-education” materials to help clients with their decision making processes. 


Proactive Entrepreneurship…


One of our most successful fitness partners is an independent trainer who grosses more than $90,000/yr of his own branded products through his website.    



  • All new  “online” clients are sent a .ZIP file filled with all of his supplement spec sheets enclosed. 


  • His online clients are placed into separate marketing funnels that drip new information to his clients and prospects on a weekly basis – with links to his supplements and other accessories


  • He includes supplements with several of his training packages.  He embeds supplementation into his nutrition programs (with an * for optional). 


It’s the Same Thing for Online Programs…


This same scenario plays out with our ONBOARD 101 done-for-you platform


Some fit pros earn a modest revenue stream… while others have created automated  “proactive strategies” that generate a few thousand dollars every month! 


In both cases, the branded platform is the exact same for everyone. 


So, the difference is how it is “framed,” presented and sold


Here’s another proactive strategy that can be deployed with both online and physical location training: (How Tom and Lettie Samuels just “crush it” with Onboard 101):  CLICK or TAP HERE…


There is a direct correlation between “Proactive Marketing” and the amount of money generated.


Rocket Science, No.  Take Action, Yes!


If you’ve read this far, you probably realize that once you get beyond all the success examples and resources I’ve provided, the bottom line is quite familiar.  


The most successful “online” businesses are run NOT by geniuses.  But, rather, by PRO-ACTIVE, “TAKE-ACTION” ENTREPRENEURS. 


I’m a Believer..!


I believe so strongly in creating multiple online revenue streams, that all of our custom websites include our ONBOARD 101 done-for-you platform and eCommerce/Dropship Program  — with more revenue generators in the works.    



3 Secret Summary + Bonus…


So, there you have it.  In summary, the 3 secrets to running a successful online health and fitness business are:


1.)  Multiple Revenue Generators:  You absolutely must find a way to create multiple passive and/or recurring revenue generators.


2.)  Content:  If you don’t have the time to create proprietary content,  consider online platforms or licensed content that you can re-sell.


3.)  Affiliate Partners:  Take advantage of as many affiliate partners as you can.  They must be credible and be appropriate for your particular client base. 


[BONUS]  Proactive Marketing:  This point is so IMPORTANT.  So many fit pros suffer from an assumption that online services somehow sell themselves


They don’t.   


Online services and products still require you to hone your sales presentations and commit them to landing pages, funnels, videos and webinars.    


In fact, the proactive marketing “mindset” is exactly how the top online fit pros are crushin’ it right now! 


I hope you find these tips, tools and resources helpful for your business and your own personal journey.


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