Amid Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis What Fit Pros Should Do Now


Yes… it’s really happening! 


Right now, thousands of independent trainers, studios, clubs — and maybe YOU — are experiencing CANCELLATIONS due to this damned Coronavirus – COVID-19 Pandemic.


Maybe you’re even shutting down for a week… or more?


So… WHAT TO DO..???


YES… sure… you should absolutely communicate with your clients/members (and media) about the steps you’re taking within your facility.


But, that’s last week’s news…




This week, you really need to do even MORE to engage your clients/members/students/patients. 


Starting today, millions of people, world-wide, are working remotely from their homes.   


In addition, millions of kids are home from closed schools, too.  


As a result… cancellations, no-shows, disengagement, etc.


If you’re already providing some kind of online training then you may have it all “wired” and not skip a beat.  


But, if not… then, perhaps I can help.


The goal during this crisis is to keep your clients/members/students/patients ENGAGED with your BUSINESS and your BRAND.


And, my goal is to help you build engagement by offering you THIS:



Onboard-101 FREE TRIALS extended to 45 DAYS


Starting today, I am extending the the ONBOARD 101 FREE TRIAL PERIOD to 45 days.


There is no credit card requirement.  No obligation.  It is totally complimentary for 45 days. (click on the image below to play 3-minute video).


This online health education platform is 100% automated.


It is the perfect resource to engage and educate your clients/members/students/patients on the value of preventive health (especially now!)   While they are at home or anywhere remotely!


Onboard 101’s online curriculum is key to learning how to boost their immune systems as well as achieving their overall health and lifestyle goals.


During this 45-DAY period, we will actually BRAND your account with your BUSINESS LOGO in order to maintain your client/member/student/patient relationship.


Why You Must HURRY!


I’m reaching out to YOU, first, because you are probably on our exclusive list of “health professional marketers.”


So, if you are interested in this offer, you must hurry  — because this same offer is being distributed by a nationwide media release to all health professionals as well as public schools and corporate wellness programs


Accounts will be created on a first come/first serve basis (and we’ll be slammed!)


This is my way of giving back to the health community that has supported us for over 30 years.  We are all in this together… and, together, we will rise above it.  


As you probably already know by now, I personally believe it all starts with EDUCATION.


To learn more about Onboard 101 or to sign-up for the 45-DAY EXTENDED FREE TRIAL... please —> CLICK or TAP HERE….


P.S.  If you know other health professionals who would be interested in this offer, please feel free to share.


–  Art Rothafel

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