Heroes During COVID-19 Pandemic


It’s amazing!


Look how many trainers, coaches, studios, clubs and other health professionals have really STEPPED-UP!


Not only are we stepping up as a “community” to help our clients/members, but….


…we’re also stepping up to help each other as a “community” to navigate this crisis.


Facebook Groups are helping each other with streaming technology like Zoom, Skype and Facebook Live.


Thousands of fitness businesses are VIDEO RECORDING daily workouts (as simple as your mobile device) and posting on their websites allowing clients to workout at home — at any time — in order to accommodate their NEW HOUSEHOLD SCHEDULES.


Companies like mine are providing resources including all kinds of apps, technology, subscriptions, materials, etc. to help the “community” of which we are a part.


Sure, the focus is to maintain your existing clients.


But, believe it or not, even now, you can attract NEW CLIENTS!


Here are just two (2) examples…




Just 3 days ago, Tara Winfield, a boutique studio owner took advantage of the free subscription to Onboard101.


She called the pastor at her church and told him about her “online course” and that it would teach people how to “boost their immune systems.”


The pastor included it his Saturday’s email bulletin (listing her Onboard101 url).


In just one-day 17 people enrolled in Tara’s online course…. none of whom were existing clients!


Then, on Sunday, the pastor mentioned it to the entire congregation and commended Tara for her offering.


As a result, eight (8) more people enrolled in Onboard101 and joined Tara’s Sunday afternoon Live Stream Workout (as a paid program!).


Another Hero:


Sean Quinn, owner of Berkshire Fitness, did something similar.


He recently reached out to the local school board as well as PTA (where his daughter goes to school) and offered Onboard101 as a 12-Chapter Curriculum for the kids (grades 6-12) while they’re home.


He also contacted his local Chamber of Commerce and made Onboard101 available to all local business owners for their employees.


And, to keep clients engaged and moving forward, he uses this progress chart and displays it during his “daily updates” (client recognition and validation).


If you’d like to download copy, please CLICK or TAP HERE…


In addition to his free programs, Sean recorded brand new “family workout sessions” (dance oriented) as well as 7 different “Super Hero” workouts for kids — and made them available as paid memberships.


When this is over Sean will have hundreds of leads and referrals of people who already know and trust him.




With value-added, “online” and automated, services like Onboard101, just look at all the places and people to whom you can reach out.


Believe me… people are looking for leadership, activities and a path.


With Onboard101, YOU can reach out to:

• Houses of Worship
• Schools
• Business Organizations
• Companies
• Community Groups
• Apartment Complexes
• Gated Communities
• Condos and HOAs
• Fire Departments (they have wives and husbands)
• Police Departments (they have wives and husbands)
• Public Works
• City Councils


And, during this crisis, you absolutely should distribute a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (PSA) reaching out to:

• Local TV Stations (PSA)
• Local Radio (PSA)
• Local Newspapers (PSA)
• Bloggers
• Podcasters
• Social Media Influencers 

To download a pre-written PSA please: —> CLICK or TAP HERE




If you’re already working with clients online that’s fantastic.


Remember, though, people are home and looking for CONTENT.


So, Onboard101 will compliment any other program you may have in place.


Plus, it can be used to educate entire families since it was designed for age 12 [6th grade] comprehension level.  CLICK or TAP HERE….


I am confident that we, as a COMMUNITY, will absolutely and come out SMARTER and STRONGER!


Starting with this FREE TRIAL of ONBOARD-101.

Looking for free content you can download right now? 
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