It Only Takes One Online Course Client


This is AMAZING…! 


Any fit pro and health coach can do it.  Including YOU!


It just takes ONE PERSON to create this incredible opportunity


And, you should take advantage of it as soon as possible!


Let me start from the beginning…


Last March, I received an email from Julie St. James, a health coach and personal trainer in Indiana just as the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold.


She contacted me to find out how many clients she could enroll in her ONBOARD 101 Course.


Of course, I reassured her it’s unlimited and that we use huge servers… so, the sky-is-the-limit.


I just assumed she’d deployed the Onboard 101 Mandatory Model and had a bunch of clients.




As it turns out, one of Julie’s clients is a Mom with two young boys – one in middle school and the other a freshman in high school.


When the Mom/Client enrolled in Julie’s ONBOARD 101 Course, she asked Julie if she could share it with her two boys – especially since their schools were about to close – and the 12-module curriculum was so easy to understand.


Julie agreed, enrolled both boys for free and communicated with the Mom regarding the boys’ progress.


Well…. the Mom/Client shared her “find” with other Moms who also had school-age kids. Which, then, spread to teachers and other school administrators.


Eventually, Julie was asked how much it would cost to enroll hundreds of students in her ONBOARD 101 Course.


Julie agreed to a $500 flat fee for the middle school and $500 flat fee for the high school – as long as the teachers or parents handled all of the administration.  In other words, she was simply renting out her ONBOARD 101 Course.  


She also gave them copies of her Quiz Kit for hard copies of the built-in quizzes.




Compared to what schools normally pay for online courses, Julie’s price was DIRT CHEAP.


But, the school district said “NO” because of the bureaucracy involved with the “approval process.”


And, it would take six months or more to get approval.


So guess what happened next..?


The parents and some of the teachers got together and pooled THEIR OWN MONEY within a week.





Plus, just to make it even “sweeter,” many of the parents now retain Julie’s services for themselves (live stream classes, 1:1 consults, etc).


As a result of all this activity, Julie has now gained a loyal tribe of parents and educators who consider her a “rock star!”




Seriously, it ONLY TAKES ONE CLIENT — and then things can “snowball” and gain incredible momentum.


Especially during these times as people are actively SEARCHING for SOLUTIONS and trying NEW THINGS just like the ONBOARD 101 Course. 


Listen, thousands of schools are still NOT OPEN.  And, even when they do, THIS is credible content.


So, if you offer any kind of online educational course – or a webinar series, especially on the topics of:

  • nutrition,
  • basic physiology 
  • healthy lifestyle


…you should most definitely reach out and let your clients know about it.


You could mention it during warm-ups or cool-downs.


Use email and social media to promote your EDUCATIONAL CURRICULUM and how it could be used in:

  • schools
  • corporate wellness
  • churches and houses of worship


If you have a connection with anyone associated with your local middle schools, high schools and colleges, be sure to reach out and offer them a complimentary course or demonstration.




Just one woman or man (who you may already be training) with connections can create a huge opportunity for you to not only sell your online course – but as a way to showcase your expertise and programming among parents and other professionals who might retain your services as well.






I’ll set you up with a 15-Day FREE trial. It will be the full version of the ONBOARD 101 Course. 


I will “white label” it with your logo and provide access to ALL of the video Marketing Tutorials.


Then, just start promoting it to your clients and let them know it’s available to their schools, workplaces, organizations… and watch what happens…!


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