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Still not getting the ONLINE traffic you want and need during this crisis?


Here’s how to ADD VALUE to your online workouts and/or live streaming events.


Take advantage of the ONBOARD 101 FREE TRIAL.


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Check out how Wendy Wallace (fit pro in Oregon) is using ONBOARD 101 to:

• Reach existing clients at home

• Re-Activate past clients

• Attract NEW CLIENTS… 


She sent an email to all of her active and inactive members that included this verbiage:

“…. so, please watch this video… and then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green SIGN-UP button to self-enroll.


Then, immediately proceed to Chapter One, and be sure to take the QUIZ after watching the videos. After you graduate from this course, I have a special surprise waiting for you!”


The surprise, after completing all 12 chapters is a free one-on-one session with her.


Wendy includes this LINK to her email: https://www.onboard101.com/clientexperience/About


YOU can do the same thing by using the link:



Here’s another promotional video embedded in your ONBOARD 101 platform: https://www.onboard101.com/clientexperience/LearnMore


YOU can PROMOTE your online course using this link: https://onboard101.com/your-url/LearnMore


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