What Proactive Looks Like – CoVid-19


In a recent email, I wrote about the importance of being proactive to keep your clients/members informed about the coronavirus (CoVid-19).


And, to let them know the actions your studio/club is taking to keep the studio or club clean.


Brian Whelan, owner of Foothill Gym in Monrovia, CA is a shining example of what it means to be proactive.


Watch this video:   The total time is just one-minute and 47 seconds (1:47)… and worth a thousand words!


Below, I’ll offer a break-down to describe the multiple marketing benefits it generated.



Multiple Marketing Benefits: Breakdown


At first glimpse, it looks like a cool little 1:47 segment produced by a local news station.  


But, from a marketing viewpoint, there is so much MORE going on here. 


EXPOSURE:  First off, Monrovia, CA is a suburb of Los Angeles, so the potential viewing audience of the Los Angeles Basin is over 10 million people.  Unclear how many people are viewing local news… but, it doesn’t matter.  Regardless of what city or town you’re in, receiving local television coverage is HUGE. 


CLIENTS FIRST! (CRM):  This video is a clear demonstration of a club owner who CARES and is DEDICATED to the best interests of his members.  After all… we are in the HEALTH BUSINESS.  What do you think this “says” and projects to local prospects who may be looking for a new gym to join?   

Just imagine the members at a Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, etc., when this segment aired on all of the monitors lined-up in front of their cardio stations!!!  I’ll bet their members started looking around to see if any of this hygiene was  being performed in their environment!   


BRANDING: You’ll note Brian was wearing his LOGO… big and bold right on the front of his shirt.  The camera could not miss it.  You’ll also note even his member (the man talking about the “fist pump”) was wearing The Foothill Gym Logo.  This was not a planned interview.  Brian’s members are always wearing his brand.  You’ll also note at the very end of the video is a super quick shot of the outside “store front” of Foothill Gym.  It goes by quickly, but the subconscious definitely catches it.  


POSITIONING: There is no question that Brian Whelan and his business have been automatically positioned as a LEADER in the local fitness market.  And, in Los Angeles, one of the most competitive fitness markets in the world, that’s saying a lot.   And, Brian, himself is automatically positioned as an AUTHORITY on “What a gym/studio should do” in such circumstances.  Our industry trade associations (IHRSA, Club Industry, etc.) should highlight his efforts and actually invite him to speak on the subject! 


REPURPOSING: If you ask for it, most TV stations will provide you with a video clip of your own segment.  Even if you have to pay for it, what a fantastic video to put up on your own website, blog, social media platform etc. to demonstrate your leadership… over and over again… — and to differentiate yourself from the competition.


The Ultimate Marketer


I’ve known and worked with Brian’s branding for over 20 years (Journals, Reference Manuals, etc).  He is the ultimate fitness marketer. 


Mostly, because he’s a “TAKE ACTION” kind of business owner / entrepreneur.


He understands that while sales driven activities are the life blood of a gym… brand marketing is the long-term strategy that has kept his gym successful and profitable over years. 


Because of his “TAKE ACTION” mindset, he will always run a successful operation despite the economy, competition and, now, the coronavirus!


You Can Do the Exact Same Thing


So, have you reached out to your clients and local media to let them know what YOU are doing to keep your environment clean and safe? 


Write an open letter to your clients (I’d also send to your inactive list).   


Plus, post on your blog or website.   


Post on Facebook, Instagram and all social media.


Here’s a free document you can download and editSTART HERE…. 


Let this be sort of a “gut check” to determine your level of being an “ACTION TAKER!”


Trust me when I tell you… it will pay off in the long term. 


Maybe even immediately! 


Look what happened next….



INSIDE EDITION:   is a nationally syndicated evening show on CBS.  This segment ran on Wednesday, Mar. 11th at 7:00 p.m.  So, Brian and his Foothill Gym received both local and national recognition and millions of viewers.  

This is what being PROACTIVE looks like… and the results YOU can achieve by TAKING ACTION!

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