As our economy and businesses all re-open… I thought I’d focus on what is going to become of utmost importance –>  RESULTS.


One of my best customers of Whey Protein is an NFL linebacker coach.  For more than 10 years, he’s purchased for himself and several of his players.. on a few different teams!


I’m telling you this not to brag, but rather to demonstrate a point about RESULTS.


As you know, in the NFL, it’s ALL ABOUT RESULTS.  And, those results are worth millions of dollars.


Results are not just about player performance, either


How are Results Measured?


Results are also measured by how often a player is injured — OR  avoids injury.  And, if injured, how quickly he can recover.


In a recent conversation I asked him about the training protocol for his crew.  He gave the expected response about a mix of strength training, cardio, plyos and a host of ROM type exercises and stretches.


When I asked about isolation exercises like “Preacher Bench Bicep Curls” he said, “Nope!”


He went on to say this, “If a guy wants big guns, I tell him to go do it on his own time!”


 What a Statement – Read Between the Lines


Wow… I just love this response.   Here’s why.   What he’s really saying is there’s no priority on cosmetic fitness.  If you want to look “pretty” then go do it on your own time.  What’s important for teams and players is RESULTS.  Period.


This coach tells me that most of his linebackers are so fit and quick that they could easily play other skilled positions.  And, they often do during practice.


Just think about it for a moment…


Aren’t pro athletes who get results already looking pretty damned AWESOME..?


So, what’s the point in building bigger biceps...or chest or lats…. or any of it – unless you’re a competitive body builder.  And the exact same thing is true of female athletes.


Top Fitness Trainers Are Doing the Same Thing


Here’s why I’m telling you all of this.


For about 3 years as digital apps were introduced, we watched our Transformation Journal  sales drop off.   Apps were like a fashion statement and everybody wanted to be seen as “high tech.”  


But, starting in the first quarter of 2018 we started to see Transformation Journal  sales pick-up.  And now, among our most advanced and successful trainers, the Transformation Journal is the tool of choice.




Because the committed, most successful trainers who focus on client RESULTS are using the same rationale as our NFL Coach.  It’s all about RESULTS.  Period.


More and more trainers are telling me that their clients, when allowed to use their own mobile apps for tracking — are just NOT GETTING RESULTS.


Here’s what several top trainers in the country have privately told me…


  • The apps are inaccurate and often conflict with a trainer’s advice and protocol, particularly on Total Daily Caloric Expenditure.


  • Clients rarely bring their apps out onto the workout floor — so the workout data typically doesn’t get entered in until after the workout and is often incorrect.


  • Clients who DO bring their mobile apps onto the workout floor are typically distracted by text messages, email and phone calls.


  • This data entry “lag time” means there is NO mind / body connection with the exercises being performed in regards to the quality of movement, number of reps, how the body feels, the mind set, etc.


And, then of course, there’s the whole issue of mobile apps with “pop-up” ads proclaiming to the clients, “You don’t need a personal trainer!  For the cost of one personal training session, you can gain instant access to our entire library of fitness exercises….!”

What Advanced Trainers Tell Their Clients


Advanced professional trainers are telling their clients this, “If you want to use your app, then do it on your own time… but when you’re training with me… we’re using the Journal.”


BAM!  There you have it.  RESULTS.


A trainer I know who works with elite athletes advises his clients:  “Let the quality of your handwriting reflect the QUALITY of the reps you just performed!”


Results Count


Whether you use a Transformation Journal or a note book from Staples, what matters is results.   And, clients who write it down using “paper and pencil” get better results than those using mobile apps.  It’s that simple.


In my 25 years in the fitness business, I’ve seen tons of clubs, studios and other fitness facilities offer all kinds of fun and interesting ideas to get fit — but, if ultimately, if it doesn’t produce results, it’s abandoned — quickly.


Marketing Your Results


I’ve been told that using a handwritten Journal is so “old school.”


I typically counter with:  “It’s not old school.  It’s “REAL SCHOOL.”   And, then I add a little insult by saying that allowing a client to use a mobile app is “FOOL’S SCHOOL.”   (Yes, I’ve lowered myself to name-calling!).


What Goes Around Comes Around


And the more I talk with top trainers, coaches, athletes and others who depend on real RESULTS…. AND… the more I see our Transformation Journal  sales increase —  the more I know I’m right!


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