Your Global Fitness Business



Did it occur to you that the minute you launched a website, you immediately “evolved” your business from being “local” to “global!” 


At least that’s the potential


For the past few years I’ve been thinking about this almost non-stop.  The technology is getting easier.


And you, just like me, are probably getting smarter and more proficient with using it for our businesses.  


Just imagine waking up in the morning to find notices from PayPal that 3 people signed-up for your exclusive online program.  The one that is self-guided and fully automated


Now… that’s making money in your sleep! 


Imagine the anticipation every morning when you check your email to see if you have any new “sign-ups” for your automated “membership” website!


Online Consulting


What about your consulting calls where you connect with a client in Australia via Skype, Zoom or Google Meet and help him or her through a very specialized workout. 


That’s because they learned about your special expertise via Google search or social media and decided YOU were the ONE


And, he or she is willing to pay a premium price for your specialized knowledge


Or, maybe it was your personality!


It doesn’t really matter.  The fact is, people are willing to pay a premium price to get what THEY WANT. 


Cutting Edge Stuff


Whether anyone likes it or not… this is happening right now.  I witness it first-hand every day with one of our most successful platforms, ONBOARD 101.


I see it with other health, fitness, medical and self-improvement entrepreneurs who’ve decided to invest in their online presence via social media, video channels and automated marketing funnels.


Plus, hundreds of health professionals who’ve decided to level up their websites with fresh new graphics, robust content and new relationship conversion strategies like those found on our Digital Welcome Kit.


But, the reality is most are NOT doing any kind of online business at all. 


Partly this is due to trial and failure. 


Remember phone coaching?  Or, even email coaching?  Neither of them really worked out very well.   Those failures left a sour taste for many aspiring fitness entrepreneurs.


How many times do you think Steve Jobs failed?  Or Elon Musk?  Or Jeff Bezos?


Most successes are built on failure.


“The Times… They Are-a-Changin’


Times and technology are changing.  There are new models that work really well. 


I’m especially fond of the hybrid model where you start off slow and build momentum over time.


There are other models that include online coaching along with several premium levels of automated instruction. 


Plus, content access like the use of private video libraries and nutrition software.


Go Wild…

For example, one of our premier customers is a full time business owner with a physical location.  He also has an online business with a “membership website” where he offers a group of ASCENDING LEVELS at different price points:


  • One-on-one coaching via Zoom
  • Special Access to his Video Library (over 300 exercise videos / 30-seconds)
  • Special Access to ONBOARD 101
  • Special Access to MAP System Nutrition
  • Special Access to his Cooking Show Episodes 1-25a


In addition to that, he sells his own line of branded supplements, home equipment, branded apparel and a variety of accessories from his online store. 


And, he has affiliate links for various “hard” products that he can not inventory… like treadmills, floor mats, etc.


My Wish for YOU


Right now, it’s more important than ever to be pushing yourself beyond your “online comfort zone.”   This pandemic is literally changing the fitness business landscape right before our eyes.


Yes, it will feel scary. 


Yes, you’ll need to invest time and money into things you don’t fully understand, yet. 


Yes, you’ll need to have faith…!


The eCommerce and Online World is the future of being a successful business in the fitness industry.


Truly, my goal is to help guide you through the process.


Starting here…

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