16 New Healthy Recipes with Macros


Here are sixteen (16) new Healthy Family Recipes we just uploaded to the Digital Welcome Kits and the Ultimate Web Suites.


Take a look…


A Healthy Layout for Healthy Eating

Because we focus on fitness, we place an emphasis on the nutritional information of each recipe by placing the macro nutrients at the top (instead of the bottom like most recipes). 



Get These and More…

If you like these recipes, then, you’ll be glad to know we have a lot more.  There’s a total of 111 recipes.   


And, there are two (2) different ways to get them for your business — and your clients


Included with DWK and the Ultimate…


If you order the Digital Welcome Kit or the Ultimate Web Suite, you’ll get all of these recipes plus a ton of additional credible, peer-reviewed content.  They will all be branded with YOUR LOGO and ready for your clients to DOWNLOAD.


New Recipe Pack – Digital Download


And, now, for a limited time, we also offer them as a digital DOWNLOAD – branded with YOUR LOGO at an introductory price.  Just CLICK or TAP HERE…


You’ll Use Them More Than You Think!

Yes, recipes abound everywhere on the web.  But, seriously, how many of them are healthy.  How many include macros.  And, how many have YOUR LOGO?


Since you have them forever and can print an unlimited amount... here are just a few ways you’ll use them:

  • Weekly email campaigns
  • Website downloads
  • Lead magnets
  • Social media posts
  • Welcome kits
  • Blog post topics
  • Corporate “leave-behinds”
  • Webinar Downloads
  • Program Handouts
  • Nutrition Programs


To learn more: just CLICK or TAP HERE…

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