Step #2 – Relationship Marketing – ESP


As we ALL enter this “New World” of fitness marketing, I hope YOU are convinced of the absolute importance of your email.


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There are many fitness marketing people who continue to exclaim, “Email is dead!”




So, the first step was to self-assess your email tactics: 

  • How Many
  • How Often 


You know your numbers.  


Before we delve into EXACTLY what’s required next, let me explain why most health coaches and fit pros don’t fully maximize email. 


Why Most Health Pros Suck at Email


There are three (3) reasons:


  • You don’t possess the writing skills.  Or, feel like you have nothing to say.


  • You don’t understand the technology behind a solid email program.


  • You don’t have the time.


As a result, you might resort to a prewritten email / newsletter service with generic content.  Or, like most (90%), you simply do nothing.


That’s fair, but…


I know.  For most professionals… your day is already LONG… with clients, staff, equipment/building maintenance, operations, financial tracking, etc. 


The thought of adding another task, like email, just isn’t appealing at all — especially if you don’t really understand how it all works or how you’ll benefit from it. 


Nonetheless, whether you like it or hate it, email is crucial to the NEW WORLD of fitness marketing.  In many ways, it is the centerpiece.


The Good News…


Look, even if you hate email, the good news is that the new email service providers (ESP) are incredibly sophisticated and offer a high level of automation.



That means much of your email activity will not require YOU! 


For example, a website visitor may enter his or her email (opt-in) into a form on your website


This “opt-in” then triggers a “SEQUENCE” of pre-written emails (5-8) sent over a specific time frame to that particular visitor based on his/her interest (weight-mgmt, athletic performance, body building, sport-specific, etc.).


Ultimately, the goal is to nurture the prospect toward an info call or to a purchase (conversion) of your services or products. 


All of it occurring automatically with absolutely no effort on your part. 


Advanced Email Service Providers


If ever there was a “bang-for-the-buck” it is with email service providers


Due to advances in technology, email services that once cost over $1,000 plus $99 per month are now available for just $29.99 per month (no set-up). 


Way too many fit pros and health coaches currently keep all their email contacts on their phone or gmail, yahoo, outlook or other browser based email service.


Those services are great for sending and receiving individual one-to-one emails. 


But, NOT for email marketing.


Make the Investment Right Now!


As you might have already guessed, STEP #2 is to subscribe to a good email service provider as soon as possible.   Here’s a list of the top email service providers: 


Here’s a review of most of these services with prices and details. CLICK or TAP HERE…


Don’t Put It Off… Seriously!


This is where the “rubber-meets-the-road.”  It’s a TAKE ACTION MOMENT.


If you don’t already have an email service provider that allows you to send broadcast emails, email sequences and triggered automations, then, just do it.


This, STEP #2 requires action.  It’s sort of like a test! 


How will you do..?


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