Step #3 – Relationship Marketing – Before You Automate



Just think about this:


For over 18 months during 2020/2021 we literally trained our clients HOW to workout at home using ZOOM (or other live stream).  And, we’ve done a really good job of it.


So good, in fact, it’s estimated that 30% of gym and studio members have continued to workout at home — (post pandemic) — instead of returning to a physical location.   After all it’s way more convenient. 


Plus, clients can pick-up an extra 5-6 hours a week by NOT having to get ready, dress and drive to/from, etc.  


Back to the Future…


So, if 30% of clients (and growing) are going to workout at home, you obviously need to think about your online offerings


But, before any of that, you need to think about how you’re going to communicate and engage with both existing clients and new prospects — which brings us back to email.


In STEP #2 I talked about:

  • the importance of email
  • the marketing strength of email… 
  • getting set up with an email service provider.


The Automated Email Sequence


In the world of ONLINE MARKETING —  most especially online “relationship marketing” — automated email sequences are an absolute MUST!


Yes, there’s some technology involved.  But, seriously, the hardest part of ALL automations is the last task…  EMAIL.


It’s the last part of an “automation” —  And, it’s exactly what we need to discuss.


So, we are starting from the end point (email)… and working our way back to the beginning of the automation. (reverse-engineering).


Ughhh…. Email! 


Yes, I know for a FACT… that one of the most difficult tasks for most health and fitness professionals — is to actually sit down and write an email


In this case, not just any old email.  Not just one email.  But, at least three (3) emails — (I can feel your pain already)!



Good News…!


The good news is you only need to do this once  — and then set it on “auto-pilot.”  That’s the beauty of an automated email sequence. 


The very first set of automated emails you should write is what’s known as a “Nurturing Sequence.”  


This automated email sequence is written for a “cold audience” —  meaning first-time visitors to your website.


Typical Email Automation Scenario…


This may seem crazy, but, in order to start at the END….  we need to analyze the entire automation flow — from the beginning!


Jeeezzz… are you getting dizzy, yet?


So, here’s a typical automation flow for a health professional who specializes in weight-management for middle aged women.   We’ll start with a few assumptions: 


  • “COLD” TARGET AUDIENCE: You must know your audience and/or have a specific niche:  For Example:  Weight-Management for Busy Women Over 40.  Knowing your specific audience is crucial to developing all your messaging including copywriting, images and tenor


  • SOCIAL MEDIA:  You must decide how best to REACH new prospects that fit your niche (Busy Women Over 40).  Today, that means social media… with both organic and/or paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. 



  • LEAD MAGNET:   You must identify a Lead Magnet or something of value to your niche: Busy Women Over 40.  And, then, post or advertise the LEAD MAGNET on social media with a LINK back to your website where they can learn more about it. 


For example, it could be a free report titled:  “How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Age 40+ Make About Weight-Loss.”  This would be considered a “teaser ad” to generate further interest… and “re-direct” traffic to your website.


  • LANDING PAGE:  If your lead magnet is effective, it will generate what’s known as “CLICK THROUGH” whereby prospects click on the LINK BACK and are re-directed OFF the social media platform and ON to your website — in particular the Lead Magnet LANDING PAGE.     


The LANDING PAGE goes into a deeper description of the benefits your new prospect will gain by getting the free report: “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Age 40+ Make About Weight-Loss.”  


  • OPT-IN FORM:  Located on the LANDING PAGE is your OPT-IN FORM.  In order to receive this FREE REPORT — the new prospect MUST complete the OPT-IN FORM  requiring a First Name and email address. 



Once the OPT-IN FORM is completed a couple of functions should happen automatically. 

    • First, the prospect’s information —  First Name and Email  — is automatically sent to your EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER and added to your email list for future use.  (I’ll address tagging and double opt-ins later).   


    • Next, upon clicking on SUBMIT (Yes! Send NOW!) the prospect is re-directed to an internal private “THANK YOU PAGE” on your website where she or he can DOWNLOAD the FREE REPORT.


    • Finally, upon receipt of your prospect’s information (First Name and Email), your EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER automatically triggers your NURTURING EMAIL SEQUENCE.


  • NURTURING EMAIL SEQUENCE:  The automation ends with a TRIGGER to the NURTURING EMAIL SEQUENCE.  This is NOT a SALES sequence. 


The NURTURING EMAIL SEQUENCE is designed to allow the prospect to get to know YOU.  It’s an opportunity for YOU to be transparent about your personality, your journey and your approach toward your business and your clients.   


It’s also an opportunity for you to let prospects know that you understand their obstacles and challenges.  In other words, their “pain points” and how they might overcome them with some guidance from you.   


The NURTURING EMAIL SEQUENCE is usually timed (staggered) over several days (or weeks) allowing the prospects time to process the information you’re sending to them.  They are establishing a RELATIONSHIP with YOU.



Start Writing Your Email Copy..!


So here we are… the end of the automation flow, but, at the BEGINNING of what you need to think about:


Writing your first NURTURING EMAIL.  


These emails are crucial to your online business especially as it relates to “cold prospects.”  


And, remember, in order to receive this email, the prospect has already downloaded your LEAD MAGNET.







Here is SAMPLE NURTURING EMAIL #1.  This email would be sent out two (2) days AFTER the prospect downloaded your FREE REPORT.   


It’s written in MS WORD and you are welcome to download the copy and edit to your own audience and background. 


To DOWNLOAD the MS Word Doc, please CLICK or TAP HERE…


  • You’ll notice the email deliberately describes the prospect’s probable “pain points.” 


  • Then, the email goes on to relate your own story (being transparent) and vulnerable about your own challenges and obstacles.


  • Note the use of Sub-Headlines to break-up the read


  • Note the use of “Merge Fields” to weave in the prospect’s FIRST NAME in appropriate places.


  • Finally the email ends with an offer (not a sales offer) to communicate more intimately, one-on-one.



EMAIL #2  


Another email would be sent out two (2) days  AFTER you send EMAIL #1   (four days after the lead magnet download).


  • This email might include a “real world” case study or success story about one of your clients. 


  • Be sure to add statistics and other results-based attributes… including characteristics such as  “happiness” and “camaraderie” with other members of your group, studio or club.  


  • Be sure to use Sub-Headlines to break-up the read


  • Don’t forget to use “Merge Fields” to weave in the prospect’s FIRST NAME in appropriate places.


  • Again, the email should end with an offer (not a sales offer) to communicate more intimately, one-on-one.




This email would be sent out  (2) days  AFTER you send EMAIL #2   — six (6) days after the lead magnet download.


  • This email might be a “MOTIVATOR” or could be considered a free tips “LIFE LESSON.” 


  • It should provide examples of HOW to use this “FREE TIP.” 


  • The FREE TIP should include a way to motivate the prospect to schedule a call!


  • Once again be sure to use Sub-Headlines to break-up the read


  • Remember the email should always end with an offer (not a sales offer) to schedule a call.



As always, I hope you find this helpful.  The ONLINE Fitness World is all about “Relationship Marketing” and email is a huge part of it.


More to come…


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