The Online Future is Here…. Are You?


There’s no question that “live” online training as well as “pre-recorded” or “evergreen” online workouts are not only a “thing” but becoming the “new normal” for all clubs, studios and independent fit pros and health coaches.


At some point online training programs will be expected.


Clients will want “online access” to your programming when they are:

  • On a vacation
  • On a business trip
  • Home with children
  • Only available after business hours


Plus, with online workouts, your clients can introduce your business to their:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Social Media Groups
  • Business Groups
  • Social Organizations
  • Schools
  • Church


Quick and Easy Referrals!

Think about this… REFERRALS to your “online” business are just one-click away…!


Can you envision the future…? Do you see how your ONLINE business can become a HUB for clients and prospects.


Most especially if you serve a specific niche like:

  • Traveling executives
  • Busy moms
  • Sport specific athletes
  • Masters (active age 65+ – not Silver Sneakers)


Your Own Eco System…

It’s easy to see how small boutique health and fitness businesses that specialize in a niche will become little ECO SYSTEMS – just as Apple has done with their line-up of products and services.

The future is super exciting…


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