Doctors and Nutritional Supplements…


It’s almost funny, 

… when you think about the reality of this very common occurrence.

How many times have you heard one of your clients say something like this:

“My doctor says I don’t need vitamins. He says I can get everything I need from foods alone.”


Well, I have nothing against doctors. But, with all due respect, how much nutrition education do you think medical doctors actually receive in medical school?

The truth is between 2 and 8 hours. Thats it!

Beyond the White Coated Gods…

Here’s the real truth.

When it comes to preventive health, physical recovery and holistic positive lifestyle changes, doctors know very little.

That’s just not their jam. They fix things… like broken bones and diseased organs.

On a scale of -10 to +10, they work on bringing their patients from a negative number like -5 back up to 0.

You, on the other hand, work on the positive side of the scale. You help bring people up to a +3 or a +5 or maybe even a +10…!

The 75 to 80% Theory

You can pick whatever number you want, but when it comes to healthy lifestyle, almost all experts will agree that NUTRITION is the 900 lb gorilla in the room.

Whether it is fat-loss, muscle gain or overall health, NUTRITION is the key. Period.

Even among world class athletes and their coaches, the winning mindset is that training-is-training…but, NUTRITION is the differentiator between sub-par and 100% performance. And, it’s all about NUTRITION for post event recovery, too!

This brings me back to the clients who’ve been told they can get everything they need from foods alone.

In today’s world of overly processed, industrialized foods, that’s just not true.

The Irony…

It’s not lost on me how ironic it is that on almost every supplement label there is a statement to this effect: “Consult your physician before taking this product.”

Yes, for anyone on medication, there could be contraindications.

But, again, with due respect, physicians are the professionals who still use the “Ideal Height & Weight” charts (from the 1950’s) instead of body composition as a metric.

They are the ones who continue to use the highly inaccurate BMI (body mass index) as an indicator of health.

And, they often cap off an appointment with, “You need to eat right and exercise.” Great… but what exactly does that mean?

By the way, what kind of shape is your doctor in..????

YOU Are the Most Qualified…

YOU are the professional who actually sees your clients at least once a week… probably more!

YOU are the professional who knows more about a client’s lifestyle than anyone else (outside of family, clergy or a therapist).

YOU have likely spent more time studying nutrition and purposeful supplementation than any other professional (outside of nutritionists and dietitians).

The bottom is this: YOU, as a health and fitness professional are MORE QUALIFIED to comment on nutritional supplementation than most medical doctors (or anyone else).

I hope you remember all of this the next time you hear the “My doctor says…” statement.


Or, when someone tries to tell you that selling supplements is outside your scope-of-practice. It’s NOT.


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