Nutritional Supplements and the Band of Gypsies…


Honestly…  they call me at least 3-4 times every single week.

And, it never ends well.

I call ’em the “band of gypsies!”

You may know who I’m talking about.

It’s that crowd of Internet Marketers who don’t really care what they’re selling as long as it makes a quick buck $$$.

They run Funnel Programs with a tons of social media, email automations, videos and even podcasts making wild claims about all kinds of stuff:

  • How to Make a 6-Figure Income
  • Lose 40 lbs in 20 Days
  • Get Rid of Wrinkles, Look 20 Years Younger
  • 6-Pack Abs Without Exercise


… and the list goes on and on. You know what I’m talking about… right?

And, boy, do they ever love to market and sell supplements.

They Give Us a Bad Rap

I will NEVER offer our supplement line to this crowd. NEVER… EVER… PERIOD!

In fact, most conversations come to an abrupt halt when I ask for verifiable certification as a fitness professional.

They just HATE me for that!

And, frankly, I hate them right back!

The truth is none of them are in the fitness industry. So, they’re not “one of us.”

For them, it’s ALL about the money — and not about actually helping people.

It’s such a total non-starter!

I’m not against making money. But, it can’t be the ONLY reason to offer nutritional supplements!

The BIG One…

Next… and this is HUGE: The “band of gypsies” know almost NOTHING about supplements or nutrition.

As a result, their slimy sales tactics, over-blown promises and ignorance — give credible professionals like YOU and me, a “bad rap.”

So, as health professionals, it’s important we maintain our integrity – as it relates to quality formulations.

How to Be Professional and Credible

Listen, purposeful supplementation is NOT to be taken lightly.

Especially among athletes, active lifestyle enthusiasts and people seeking to change their body-composition.

That’s because these are serious enthusiasts INVESTED in their health — and physical performance.

It Starts With Education

Most clients don’t know why we include digestive enzymes (Pancreatin 5x Pwd.) in our daily multi-vitamin & mineral formulations. That’s why we explain it on your own branded spec sheet.

Nor, do they know why we use rice polish instead of a varnish as a binding agent… spec sheet.

Or, why optimal nutrition usually requires multi-dosing throughout the day since the water solubles get washed out within 2-3 hours of intake: spec sheet.

Every single formulation has its own spec sheet — branded with YOUR LOGO — to help educate and empower your clients about purposeful supplementation.

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