How Fit Pros and Health Coaches Can Grow Their Businesses Faster


What a difference a “mindset” makes!

What a difference it can make in your business and your life!

Billy Davidson is a “real world” example of this.

Here’s part of an email he sent…


“….I remember this blog post and how you mentioned that the railroads thought they were ONLY in the railroad business. Had they realized they were in the TRANSPORTATION business, they would have embraced the airplane and thrived to this day. Instead they totally missed the opportunity.”

It made me think about my own business as an independent personal trainer.

Is that all I am? Just a personal trainer?

Or, can my business be something more?”



Billy decided he was a “Health Education Professional.”

This new title and self-image changed more than just his “mindset.”

It changed his “messaging” on social media, emails, blog posts and even voicemail.

It changed the “conversation” with clients and prospects.

Most importantly, it changed how clients and prospects “perceived” him and his offerings.

Billy offered more than personal training… he offered “empowerment through education.”

Every single day, Billy demonstrated his expertise and authority on ALL things health related.

Yes, as result, his business has grown beyond his wildest dreams with 3 “high end” studios and an online business as well.


Here’s the “thing.” 

Billy is no more qualified than YOU!

He simply changed his “mindset” about who he was and what he offered.

This is POWERFUL stuff.

Listen, almost every fit pro and health coach in this business is “passion driven.”

Yes, a “passion” to help people change their lives and reach their potential.

So, let me ask you, “What about YOU?

Could a shift in your mindset change your life and help you reach your potential?

Just look in the mirror and ask yourself this, “Could I be more?”

I’d bet money on it…!!!

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