How to Send Great Emails


Can you write?


Or, do you just tear your hair out trying to come up with something?


Even if you get something out, does it really “sound” like you?


I often receive an email and think “No one would ever talk like this.”


Some people think writing is really easy.


Not me.


I think writing is one of the hardest things in the world.


I’m talking about good writing.


The type of writing that “connects” with the reader and takes him or her on a little journey with you.


Good writing resonates with your audience and allows the reader to “feel” your emotions… happy, sad, painful, overjoyed… all of them!


It also has a cadence… a rhythm and flow that makes it easy to read.


The truth is, {{ subscriber.first_name }}, good writing takes talent.


If it were easy, we’d all be best-selling authors!


But, we’re not.




That’s why I asked my team of talented copywriters (the people who write for a living) to compose our Email 10-Pack…


And, they did.


Lots of fit pros and health coaches have purchased it since the launch just two weeks ago.


Here’s what they’re saying about our Email 10-Pack…


“At $99 this is a total no-brainer!” – Steve Orwell


“I’ve purchased emails in past. But, they always sounded like some guy from Yugoslavia wrote them. These are the best ever! Thank you for being so creative and sharing.” – Jenny McGrath


“Please write 10 more!” Sandy Briggs


“… these are the most honest, compelling and heartwarming emails I’ve ever read. I’ve already sent the first two and my clients just love the connection.” Ruth Tumulliwitz


“I spend more than this just detailing my car!” – Frank Seely 😉


“… absolutely perfect for my studio!” – Dan Chavenoux




The reason I’m showcasing these wonderful testimonials is because the price of the Email 10-Pack… is going to increase from just $99 to —> $149 on July 1st.


I don’t want you to miss the introductory offer.


The response from satisfied purchasers has been wonderful — and really speaks to the value of the package.


The copywriting team put their hearts and souls into writing these emails.


And, frankly, this Email 10-Pack is proof of their talent!


You can see it for yourself with the Email #1 – FREE DOWNLOAD


So, if email marketing is part of your business…


But, the thought of “writing” conjures up thoughts of “running away forever!”


Then, the Email 10-Pack… is the ultimate package for you.


You’ll save a ton of time and money.




Each email would take most people at least 3 hours to write on their own.


So, in essence, for just $99 you’re saving over 30 hours of your precious time (3hrs X 10 = 30 hours).


Check it out before the July 1st price increase: —> Email 10-Pack…

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