The .02 Percenters – Fitness Business Marketing


It’s amazing!

Our health and fitness industry is most definitely going through a significant change… It is evolving… in a BIG WAY!

THE .02%-ers!


As we navigate through the second surge of Covid, this change spells OPPORTUNITY for the .02%-ers who see it right now (early adopters) and are starting to take action to leverage it.

In my 32 years, I’ve only witnessed this type of fundamental change a few times.

It’s also been my experience that only about .02% of health professionals will take action on it.

That means you can literally leap-frog the competition… if you really want to.

Business is all about your own RISK and REWARD!



Even though it’s significant, the change and opportunity is hard to detect because it’s slow and gradual.

Plus, our industry, as a whole, rarely embraces big fundamental change.

Want proof…?

Look how many big box clubs are still chasing after the $5, $10 and other “low ball” members with their old “high-value / low cost” legacy business models!


Make no mistake.

The TRUE LEADERS…. the DISRUPTORS… and maybe YOU… are totally re-engineering the fitness business.

Hell, I’ve had to CHANGE our business model to accommodate many of these changes!




But, you won’t read about it in any of the industry trade publications! (Their editorial is biased toward advertisers/suppliers).

You won’t learn about it from most consultants, experts and gurus. (They’re still pitching the old legacy models)

But, just because they’re not talking about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

You can already FEEL IT!



Big fundamental shifts require lots of changes. So, I can’t cover it all in this post, but….

Here’s what I see the the DISRUPTORS doing based on our interactions with thousands of various health professionals throughout our industry:

✅ The DISRUPTORS are building out kick-ass” websites with tons of Content and Engagement. Clunky old websites are no longer viable or effective.

Consumer EXPECTATIONS for an online “EXPERIENCE” are much higher today than just a year ago.

A serious website is imperative.

✅ The DISRUPTORS are adding and PROMOTING their own “online” services and products including:

  • Live Stream Workouts (Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube, etc)

  • Affiliate Links (Commission referral links)

  • Memberships (Evergreen workout videos/ protected content)

The focus on just “sessions” will be less viable. Full-on health “hubs” with multiple products and services — as well as sessions will be the norm.

✅ The DISRUPTORS are engaged in “Relationship Marketing” via:

  • Live Stream/Zoom Education Classes (Cooking, Nutrition, Mindset, OB101)

  • Constant and Consistent Email Campaigns / Personalized Connectivity

  • Social Media Private and Public Groups


If you’re a small business, you have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over the big box clubs and other enterprise organizations.

As an independent small club, boutique studio or independent health professional:

YOU are more nimble than the big guys.

YOU can do a better job of staying “CONNECTED” with your clients.

YOU can be more “personal.”

YOU might be a .02 percenter!


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