How to Earn $921.91 per Hour in Your Spare Time


What the….?

Did you ever meet somebody who just seems to make money no matter what?  Seems unfair… but, that’s Jim Jennings.  I’ve known Jim since 1992 and I’ve witnessed how everything he touches turns to “gold.”


His “Fountain of Youth” program is no exception.


Here’s the math and then the details.

  • Fountain of Youth Program Cost $299 per person
  • Program is 12 weeks / 1 hour per week = 12 hours
  • Thirty-seven (37) enrollees @$299 = $11,063
  • $11,063 divided by 12 hours = $921.91 per hour


Back in the “day” Jim was a studio owner and certified trainer.  He also has a degree in exercise physiology.  So, he’s got the goods.  But, he burned out and sold his business (at a hefty profit, of course!) and left the industry to pursue a career in commercial real estate.  Over the course of 15 years, he became a multi-millionaire.


These days, Jim is a private equities investor working out of his home outside Houston.  Yet, while he makes more money buying and selling equities for himself and others, he still has a burning passion for health and fitness.


Jim teaches his “Fountain of Youth” class based closely on our 12-Week CurriculumHe also uses ONBOARD 101 as well as adding his own knowledge and presentation visuals.

Fountain of Youth is a Fountain of Money…!


The “Fountain of Youth” class is only offered/taught twice a year and in two different locations.  One class is in a warehouse and another is inside a gymnastics studio.


He rents the space in both of them… and negotiated a minimal rent.  He pays just under $1,000 for each space for the entire 12 weeks / 3 month programs – That’s about $80 per night.


In both cases, the landlords are happy to pick-up the extra cash since his classes are at night, so they are renting “dead space.”


The program is specifically targeted toward male and female participants over the age of 40.  His marketing messages are all about “feeling better.”


Since the program is positioned as a “health management” course the verbiage he uses is more about having more energy.  Better sleep.  Better range of motion, etc.  Weight-management is not the focus, but, instead positioned as another benefit of his program.  And, these days, I’m sure he include benefits to the immune system!


Jim only has time to teach his program twice a year and he limits the enrollment at 40 participants.  It’s typically filled up.  

Marketing the “Fountain..!”


So, I’m sure you are wondering how he markets his program since he’s not in a club environment.  And, he does not have a dedicated health and fitness website.  Nor does he use any social media whatsoever!


He deploys 3 tactics:

  • Networking
  • Direct Mail
  • Charitable Giving (10% of proceeds go to a local non-profit for low-income families)


1.)  Networking: O.K. so, admittedly, in his current profession, Jim hangs out with high net worth individuals.  Many of them own companies or serve as executive management at major corporations headquartered in the local area. 


However, he also networks at local Chamber of Commerce mixers, his church, a non-profit where he contributes his time and his local Rotary Club.


2.) Direct Mail:  Jim has an administrative assistant who helped create his brochure and his direct mail letter. (He could also have used a “virtual assistant).

  • The direct mail letter is addressed to the top 500 companies and businesses in his local area.
  • Each letter is enclosed with 5 tri-fold brochures.
  • Direct mail is addressed specifically to either the Human Resources Director or the person in charge of staffing and employees (here’s how he targeted – Read Step 2).
  • The letter briefly explains The Fountain of Youth Program and requests that the brochures might be posted in the employee areas, lunch room, coffee area, break room or wherever employees and staff might gather.
  • The brochure explains:
    • Jim’s background.
    • What people will learn.
    • How they will benefit.
    • That there is NO SELLING.
    • That 10% goes to Jim’s non-profit organization for low-income families.

Yes, I Know You’re Busy, but…


Sure, you’re busy, but so is Jim.  However, by employing his assistant to accomplish much of the marketing tasks, he is able to focus on his regular day job as well as his networking and program preparation.  Could you do this?  Do you have an assistant?  How about a virtual assistant?


This is just one opportunity for you to consider. 


The main point of this post is to demonstrate that if you really want to make money at this business, it is out there waiting for you.  But, you need to be creative.  You need to take the “road less traveled” and differentiate yourself from your competitors.  And, above all you need to TAKE ACTION!


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