Beyond WHY is “WHO!”


It’s true, that the “riches are in the niches!”

It starts with determining who your ideal client is by:

✅ Age

✅ Sex

✅ Marital Status

✅ Physical Condition

✅ Affluence

✅ Etc.


And, then that info is cross-referenced with the type of programming or coaching you offer.

✅ One-on-One

✅ Partner

✅ Small Group

✅ Live Stream

✅ Non-Coached Memberships

✅ Etc.


But, even after all that is figured out… your marketing MUST go deeper.


Big international brands like Nike, Starbucks, Harley-Davidson and Apple create documents (“white papers”) that address all the nuances of their brand CHARACTER.


Often it’s a manifesto.


We have one. It’s called the “No Apology Train.”


I want to share it with you in hopes that our No Apology Train will help you to:

  • Define your business.
  • Add clarity
  • Create an identity


This marketing identity process is more relevant today than ever!


And, most fitness business owners should at least give it some consideration — and perhaps dedicate it to paper.


What is It..?


The Brand Character identity process details WHAT your company DOES and WHY YOU DO IT.


But it goes further.


It also explains WHAT your company DOESN’T DO and WHY YOU DON’T DO IT.


It outlines your business character, its identity and even its “vibe!”


It explains why You ARE who You ARE…. with no apologies!


Character Counts


I know it’s a cliche, but it’s true.


Your business character is what your clients and members have come to expect. It is predictable and counted on by your staff, too.


It’s “WHO” your business is.


Successful businesses know what they represent in the minds of their various audiences (members, clients, staff, vendors, partners, etc.). It demands planning and discipline.


What Do You Think..?


Think about the “character” contrasts between Walmart and Nordstrom. Between Ford and Ferrari. Between Gold’s Gym and Anytime Fitness.


You get the idea. Here’s another metaphor to illustrate the importance of brand character…


Would You MARRY This “Character?”


Think about when you were dating and you saw someone who attracted you.


At first, it was all physical. You liked what you saw.


Then, if you struck up a relationship, other attributes became more apparent.

👉 Was this partner social or more shy.

👉 Was the partner a hard worker or more on the lazy side?

👉 Optimistic or is the glass half empty?


And… if the relationship became “marriage serious” then, all kinds of things enter the picture such as religion, political leanings, children, financial status, etc. — a far cry from when you were first attracted to this person.


You guessed it… CHARACTER has taken priority over physical attraction. As well it should in any relationship.




Our No Apology Train


So please allow me to share with you just 3 elements of the No Apology Train for Private Label Fitness.


The PLF crew and I work at this every single day. We live it and breath it.


It will provide some insight to our company and, hopefully, serve as an outline that you might use to determine your own company’s brand character.


Customer Service: If you look at our products, you can see that almost all of them are “repeat purchase” products. Just like you and your members/clients, our business is based on relationships.


Therefore, first and foremost on our minds every day is Customer Service.


Our internal mantra is: “Outrageous Customer Service!”


If something goes wrong like a mis-shipment or wrong product… it does not matter how much time or what it costs to “make it right!”


And, it’s not just about correcting things that go wrong. Our customer service is all about treating people like “gold.”


We don’t view purchasers as “customers.” They are our “partners.” They are hard working PEOPLE. Just like us. They are people who truly want to have a relationship with us.


That’s why I always attempt to answer the phone, myself.


One of my favorite compliments is, “Wow… I can’t believe I’m actually talking to the owner!” (It’s WHO we are and WHAT we do! )


Best-of-Breed Quality: Across our entire product line you will find nothing but the absolute highest, best-of-breed quality products.


This is built-in to our company’s DNA. We do NOT carry cheap promotional items like water bottles, low-quality apparel or coffee cups! Instead, we search the entire world for the absolute best products and formulas we can find.


And, if we can’t find it… we make it ourselves!


For example, no one comes close to our sports nutrition formulas in terms of raw ingredients, low-batch mfg. processes and pre/post formula protocol.


And, no one else in the industry offers to brand your own supplements at such a low minimum purchase ($250).


Plus we are the only company with a complete eCommerce / Dropship program that offers the type of branded website customization and branded support materials and videos. (Again… this is WHO we are and WHAT we do.)


Quick Fix vs. Lifestyle Approach: Our entire company was founded on the concept of “consumer education.”


We started as a weight-management office in 1989 and quickly discovered there were no tools or educational materials for our clients.


Most available information was pure marketing hype – with no foundation in actual human physiology.


So we developed our own materials and got them peer reviewed by some of the most prestigious authorities in academia with doctorate degrees in life sciences and human physiology (and are now accredited for CEUs).


This is why, still today, we absolutely turn down fitness franchises or chains or anyone who markets themselves as quick-fix solutions.


Yes, that’s right. We say “NO” to lots of potential customers.


We will never allow our products to be aligned with bogus marketers. We choose to align our company and products with the “best health and fitness professionals in the business.”


That’s WHO we are — and WHAT we do — with no apologies!


Do You Know Who You Are..?


There’s much more to our No Apology Train that addresses things like our financials, our hiring criteria, our vendors and administration policies.


Nothing fancy. But at the end of the day, we KNOW WHO WE ARE.


The big advantage is this:


When I am on the road consulting (or out skiing) I am absolutely confident the PLF crew know exactly what to do… and how to do it. They know exactly WHO we are and WHAT we do and HOW we do it.


They also know all the things we will NOT do and WHY.


Think about your own brand character and consider dedicating it to paper.


Get some input from your staff and even some of your most valued members and clients.


You’ll be amazed at how quickly it all comes together and the immediate benefits to your business.


All ABOARD….!!!!!