You’d be Home by Now…!


Here’s a fun analogy…

During the 70’s and 80’s home builders placed huge billboards along the roads next to their developments that read:

“If you lived here, you’d be home by now!”

It was a great sales pitch targeting thousands of long distance commuters.

And, in some ways it’s the same idea in our businesses…. especially, if you’re in it for the long-term.


Here’s what I mean.

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 negatively impacted the fitness industry.

Some marketing-savvy fit pros and health coaches saw the changing landscape from physical studios/clubs to more of a hybrid model – including a robust “online” presence.

They invested in digital online offerings to level-up their business with:

✅ Live Stream Sessions
✅ Evergreen Video Workouts
✅ Value-Add “Online” Memberships
✅ Digital Marketing Tactics
✅ eCommerce Products
✅ Online Consulting
✅ Online Courses

And, if YOU implemented these changes, then, “you’d be home by now!”

You’d not only be home, but, you’d likely be happy with your new found profit centers!

But, the truth is, less than 1/100th of 1% of fitness clubs, studios and independents have actually committed to the new online world and related marketing.



Simple, really.

Fear of technology!

It’s that “thing” that hangs over your head like a dark cloud.

It feels crazy to commit to the unknown… like jumping into the abyss!

Plus, you may have uttered to yourself:

“I don’t even know where to begin!”

“What if I invest a ton of time and money and nothing happens?”

“I’ve already been ripped off by web guys who made big promises!”


Well… YES…. you’re right if you feel a little nervous.

You should.

It’s that same “gut punch” you may have felt when you first started your own business.

But, regardless of how you feel…. it’s happening!

Every day our industry is shifting more and more toward live streaming, eCommerce, online memberships and other digital profit centers.

And, at some point… sooner or later, you’ll have to “pull the trigger” and commit to a robust “online” presence.


But, don’t worry.

This isn’t something you need to accomplish tomorrow.

While there are a few players who really seem to have the whole “online” thing wired…. our industry is still in “early stages” of figuring out how to maximize digital technology.

Even the big box clubs with big budgets and enterprise software systems are struggling with it.


Since you have time, why not consider a little “house cleaning” with the technology you already have?

Namely, your existing website!

#1: If nothing else… the very first step is to take a look and assess your current design.

If it’s old and stodgy… then at the very least give it a “face lift” with modern graphics including video and/or animated headers. Something like the ones we deploy for our partners:

​👉  Lifestyle Wellness Pro
👉  ​Michele Sodon​
👉  ​Iron Addicts
👉  ​Commit to be Fire Fit​


#2: Make sure your website is MORE than just a sales pitch.

Today’s website should be an up-to-date online RESOURCE center.

It should provide information on relevant health topics such as:

👉  Exercise Protocol
👉  Immune System Health
👉  Meal Preparation / Recipes
👉  Sugar, Sleep and Stress
👉  Product Reviews



Yup! Just those two things and you’ll be half way home!

DESIGN and CONTENT is the first step to better position you and your business for today’s market.

And, then… we can talk about upping your technology game!

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