How to Get Medical Referrals


Tim McLaughlin, a fitness coach in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has generated over $40,000 of new business via Onboard 101 as a LEAD MAGNET.

Here’s what he told me:

” … I just simply followed your videos… especially #4 the Free Model because I knew I was going to use Onboard 101 as a lead magnet.”


Tim compiled a mailing list of all kinds of doctors, therapists, psychologists, etc. (over 250) and sent them a physical “snail mail” letter offering his Onboard 101 education platform for free.

“They all have medical portals for their patients. None of them offer any kind of basic lifestyle education. So, I offered them a direct link to my Onboard 101 program for free.”

After just six weeks, three of the recipients took him up on his offer including two family practitioners and a podiatrist who all added Tim’s link to their individual patient portals.

Since June 2021 over 600 patients have enrolled in Tim’s Onboard 101 “online health education” platform.

That means, Tim added over 600 NAMES and EMAIL addresses to his list.

With his “nurturing” email sequence, he’s sold over $40K of training and coaching packages to this segment of his list (which he tracks).

I don’t know about you, but I often forget how important and how fruitful a business relationship with the medical community can be.

And, honestly, hardly any fit pros ever reach out to them.

So, it’s really wide open and a great source of referrals.

Here’s a fantastic letter you can download and edit (MS Word) to introduce yourself to doctors, therapists and other non-compete health professionals – regardless of what type of programming your offer. CLICK HERE for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

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