Winners and Losers


Yes… there are “winners” and “losers” in this world.

As athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs – we are accustomed to these labels.

But, in our everyday lives that kind of stereotyping is too binary. Like black and white.

In the real world most of us possess winning and losing “behaviors.”

We have BOTH!


Maybe you get your “task list” completed every single day. That’s a WINNING behavior.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re a chronic procrastinator. That’s a LOSING behavior.

Are you punctual and show up on time for your sessions, meetings and appointments? — WINNING behavior!

Or, perpetually late for everything? — LOSING behavior…

Neither of these character attributes define you as a good or bad person.

These are just behaviors that need to be either celebrated… or, addressed.


So with these assumptions, allow me to share two different behaviors that will seriously impact your health and fitness business.



How many times have you seen ads or received emails from a fitness marketing guru who promises to deliver 50 LEADS a Week!

Sounds exciting… right?

But, chasing leads can be a huge waste of time, effort and money.

Don’t get me wrong…

Leads are necessary for every kind of business. And, of course, you need to follow-up.

But, if chasing random leads is ALL you’ve got going for a marketing strategy, then, you’re looking at a losing behavior, losing strategy and ultimately, a losing business.

❌ First off… more than half of those leads will NOT be “hot.” They’ll be lukewarm at best.

❌ Second, today’s consumers are way more “digital savvy” than just 2 years ago. Most prospects will check out your digital presence (website, facebook, yelp, online reviews, etc.) long before they make any commitment to you – regardless of your front-end offer — or how “hot” a lead he or she might be.

❌ Finally… because chasing leads takes so much time, money and effort they typically result in significantly higher acquisition costs.


The most successful fit pros and coaches behave differently when it comes to leads. They don’t chase them. Instead, they constantly and consistently nurture them.

There’s a huge difference between “chasing” and “nurturing.”

✅ Lead nurturers focus on building new relationships and breeding referrals through existing clients.. It’s never about the “quick sale.” So, yes, the sales process is a bit longer… but, way more solid and often results in a much higher ticket value.

✅ Today’s clients prospects and clients want an opportunity to get to KNOW YOU through actionable content and/or useful information via digital platforms (website, social media, email, etc.) before they commit.

✅ They will also join your social media “groups” to get a sense (or feel the “vibe”) of your community before retaining your services or joining your membership.

At the end of the day, nurturing is all about “transparency” and “connecting.”

It’s pulling back the curtain and allowing prospects and clients to see the “real you” and how you operate your business. And, how you treat people… just like them.

Then, THEY can make a solid decision based on whether or not you’re a good fit. Not some “hard close” on a low ball price or a time-limited offer.


I won’t bore you with all of the tactical differences between Lead Chasing and Lead Nurturing… except to point to one HUGE TACTIC that the most successful nurturers ALWAYS deploy:

👉 COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Yes… community outreach (seminars, workshops, health fairs) and community involvement (participation with non-profits, charities, etc,) is perhaps the biggest difference between the two behaviors.


Less than 1% of fit pros, coaches, trainers, clubs, studios, etc., ever conduct any outreach, at all!

In today’s post pandemic world… you’ll be amazed at the response you receive when you reach out and “CONNECT” with your own community in a pro-active way. (Even if it’s an “online” community!)

Without trying to sound too harsh, here… OUTREACH is your opportunity to absolutely CRUSH the competition… simply because they don’t do it!

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