Have You Met Your “Future-Self?”


It was a Rolls Royce that did it for me!

Early in my career (1982) I worked for a boss/mentor who owned a Rolls Royce – one of the most iconic luxury automobiles on the planet.

Late one Friday afternoon, he asked me to take him to the airport in his “Rolls.”

We pulled up to “departures” and just as he was getting out he said, “Why don’t you just keep the car for the weekend.”

I attempted to be cool and replied, “Okay, sure.”

But, on the inside I freaking out with excitement just thinking about having a Rolls Royce all to myself for the weekend!

I was 28-years old.


I went absolutely nuts with that car.

Aviator sunglasses, unbuttoned shirt, gold chain around my neck… (it gets even more ridiculous but I’m already embarrassed).

I drove that car (slowly) all over… from the Santa Monica Pier down to Newport Beach being “Mr. Cool Rich Guy.”

And, oh yes, I got “those” stares from both men and woman.

I even pulled up to a restaurant I couldn’t afford just to valet park. More stares and glances. The type that seem to ask, “Who is this guy..? Is he famous?”

Even the valet gave me the “secret smile” and a wink that indicates, “You’ve made it!”

Yes, of course, I knew I was being a total fraud… but I didn’t care. I was on top of the world!


Years later I realized my mentor knew exactly what he was doing.

He was allowing me to “experience” my FUTURE SELF!

In his wisdom, my boss allowed me to feel, touch, smell, hear and see, first hand, what it’s like to be financially successful.

If I worked hard and smart and made serious money, THIS was the reward.

Most mentors, coaches and consultants only TALK about such things.

Even the best of them.

But my mentor allowed me to EXPERIENCE it — for an entire weekend.

Do you see the difference?

This lesson changed my life forever.

And, you can do the exact same thing for YOURSELF!


According to Harvard psychologist Dr. Daniel Gilbert almost all of us have a certain bias:

We tend to think that the person we are today is the person we will always be.

Yet, when most people are asked if they are the “same person” they were 10 years ago, the answer is, “No, I’ve changed.”


Nope, it’s normal.

It’s because we reference everything against the past. Past memories, past experiences, past everything.

That’s how you know you’ve changed.

Most of us never reference against anything beyond today – so, we think we’re going to be the same 10 years from now.

But, what if we referenced against the future?

It’s difficult because we don’t know what that looks like.


I know most trainers and coaches don’t spend money frivolously.

But, nonetheless, I always challenge my clients to perform this life changing exercise:

👉 Start saving up some money in a “rainy day” fund, or as I like to call it, a FUTURE fund.

👉  Envision what your future self might look like:

  • Eating at a 5-star restaurant
  • Flying first class – or renting a private jet
  • Purchasing jewelry or apparel (the ones you’ve always wanted but felt you couldn’t afford)
  • Driving a top-of-the-line automobile
  • Spending a whole day at a spa
  • Staying in a luxury suite and actually ordering room service
  • Spending an entire weekend at a luxury resort
  • Living in a luxury home (rent via airbnb or vrbo)

👉  Whatever you choose, do it at the highest, most expensive level!

👉  If you can afford it, include your wife/husband, a close friend, or someone who can witness your “future self” along with you. They will serve to remind you of the experience.

👉  Choose a date to clear your calendar and execute.


Yes… yes… I know. The whole time you are doing this you will feel like an imposter.

Like you’re not worthy of such things.

But, that’s not the point.


So, change your mindset. (Make it a “research project” if that’s what it takes!)

The goal is to EXPERIENCE it.

Take it all in…. feel, touch, smell, hear and see, first hand, what it’s like to be financially successful.

As crazy and as wacky as this may seem, I guarantee it will change your life — forever!

It will motivate and invigorate you.

It will allow you reference against the future — instead of the past.

Here’s to the success of your “future-self!” 


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