First Impressions


It’s amazing how many health and fitness professionals actually DEVALUE themselves.

It’s true.

And, I know why.

Much of it’s due to those outside “voices” like movies, television, magazines, the internet and other media that attempt to DEFINE who we are.

You’ve probably seen how they portray personal trainers and coaches as “boneheads” or “airheads.”

After a while it starts to sink into our own heads and psyche… (sad!)

Sure, those stereotypes exist, but that’s not the majority

In fact, the fit pros and coaches we work with are serious career professionals – with credible certifications, advanced degrees and some doctorates!

It’s 100% true that you, as a fitness professional, know way more than most doctors when it comes to:

👉 preventive health

👉 optimal nutrition

👉 credible weight-loss

👉 healthy lifestyle protocol.

Yet, you never see doctors portrayed as “boneheads” or “airheads” — despite their obvious lack of knowledge on so many health related issues – from exercise and nutrition to credible body metrics.


Of course it’s unfair.

But, then, (here comes the cliche), life is not fair!

So, assuming we’re not going to fix this stereotype overnight, it’s super important HOW you deal with it.

And, like it or not, it starts with your mindset — and your “business appearance.”


Listen, you either think of yourself as a career professional or you don’t.

It’s really that simple.

Assuming you pass that test, the next challenge is to control HOW YOU ARE PERCEIVED.


You have exactly :03 seconds to project a FIRST IMPRESSION.

It’s critical no matter where it happens:

👉 In-Person

👉 Your Facility

👉 Your Website

👉 Your Social Media Profile

People form an immediate impression and opinion within the first three seconds of your VISUAL APPEARANCE.

Just think about that for… well, three seconds!

What’s the impression if:

🚫 Your facility is a mess.

🚫 You look like you just woke up from a “hard night!”

🚫 Your website looks… like THIS… or THIS

You get the idea.

If the first impression is a NEGATIVE… that prospect will likely NEVER visit again.

This is nothing new. First impressions have been a marketing priority for over 100 years!

Here’s a quote from Forbes Magazine:

The initial step in a consumer’s journey toward purchasing a product or service is when they first interact with a brand. First impressions are, by and large, long-lasting and difficult to alter.


We’re not the only ones who are “pre-defined” by various media.

Almost all blue collar trades including plumbers, mechanics, heating and air technicians, etc. are pre-defined by various media.

They are similarly portrayed as “not-so-smart.”

So, they, too, MUST consider first impressions. Especially those who enter a person’s home.


Mike Diamond started his S. California plumbing business in 1976 when he was just 19-years old.

Early on, he literally trademarked the tagline “the smell good plumber.”

Here’s the full explanation on his website: CLICK OR TAP HERE

He understood the negative stereotype of plumbers.

He also recognized that most of his interactions would be with the “woman” of the household.

So, he needed to off-set the portrayal of the “beer belly, ass-crack plumber” huddled under the kitchen sink.

Hence, “the smell good plumber.”

Today, his multi-million dollar company is one of the largest, most successful businesses in S. California.


Our industry is ultra-competitive.

Plus, there’s literally “no-barrier-to-entry.”

Anyone can hang out a shingle and claim to be a personal trainer or coach.

More and more the research is pointing toward WEBSITES as the FIRST INTERACTION with a company or brand.

This means your website is likely to be the FIRST IMPRESSION a prospect will have of YOU and YOUR BUSINESS


Almost all fitness websites (and probably yours) display many of the right things, such as:

✅ Services Offered

✅ Testimonials

✅ Before and Afters

✅ Opt-in Forms

✅ Lead Magnets

✅ Schedules

✅ Call-to-Action

But…. what about YOU?

Does the “ABOUT” page really go into depth about who you are as a PERSON and as a PROFESSIONAL?

Does it explain your “journey” and WHY you chose to become a health / fitness professional?

Does it actually explain your education / certifications and WHAT THAT MEANS for the person seeking your services?

Does it resonate with your potential clients?



Did you know that while it may not always be the first page visited, the “ABOUT” is the most visited website page on almost service-based websites.

It makes sense since people want to know WHO they might be dealing with.

This is exactly why we pay so much attention to the “ABOUT” page when we build out DWK and Ultimate websites for our fitness partners.

Here are a few examples (these are long reads):

👉 Living By Design

👉 Lifestyle Wellness Pro

👉 Michele Sodon


So, this entire post is a long way of saying:

“perhaps it’s time to level-up your ABOUT page!”

Hopefully, your website is up-to-date in design and function (first impression).

But, next, take a good long look at your ABOUT page and conduct a self-assessment using the questions from above.

Let people get to know WHO you are and WHAT makes you tick!

You be the one to DEFINE who you are — and immediately dispel any stereotypes of your profession.

Trust me when I tell you that people visit your ABOUT page more than you know.

And, yes, I practice what I preach. Here’s my “about” page: 👉 Art Rothafel

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