The BEST Lines About Weight Loss..!

Whether it’s sales presentations or full-on seminars… you might get a kick out of some of the things our fitness partners have said.

Some are really funny. And some are insightful.

Most statements were made to explain BODY TRANSFORMATIONS and WEIGHT-MANAGEMENT to a consumer audience.

Here are just a few we’ve collected:


Benni Saskin at a health fair breakout session:

“If spot reducing really worked, everyone who chews gum would have a skinny face!”


Stacy Lynch at the beginning of her weight-management seminar:

“I’m here tonight because of Oprah Winfrey, Suzanne Somers, Marie Osmond, Dan Marino, Jennifer Hudson, Kirstie Alley and all the other celebrities who think it’s O.K. to fudge the truth!”


Ollie Stanton: A great activity at the very beginning of a presentation if the audience has been sitting:

“I know you’ve all been sitting for a while waiting for this presentation to begin. So, let’s all stand-up and take some deep breaths and stretch. Now, while we’re doing this, I want you all to turn to your right and look at that person. Now, turn forward and look at that person. Now turn to your left and do the same. And now take a peak at the person behind you.”
“Let me ask you a simple question. Did each person you just viewed look exactly the same? I bring this up because tonight we’re going to emphasize the concept of INDIVIDUALITY…. and why, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs never work.”


Maria Sanchez talking about cravings:

“How come when you diet, you end up craving sugars and fats…? Why not broccoli and carrots? See… isn’t the body smart..? It sends messages to your brain to crave sugars and fat because it KNOWS it needs quick energy… like right now. And, it KNOWS it can get it through sugars and fats!”


Robbie Morgan dispelling the “Big Myth”:

Don’t you just love the way the body has learned to ignore simple math? What all the commercial weight-loss companies somehow forget to tell you is… the body ADAPTS! So, when you begin to restrict calories, it simply slows down your metabolism so you don’t require as much. And this goes on and on as the body continually adapts to your behavior. The simple math used by commercial weight-loss companies never works. It never did work and it never will work.”
“The GOOD NEWS is that the body also adapts to good behavior. Through productive exercise and proper nutrition, your body will absolutely reward you in multiple ways….”


Jennifer Simpson during her presentation in front of 600 real estate agents in Las Vegas:

“First off… you need to understand that the big commercial weight-loss companies are happy to give away their meetings and consultations. That’s because their entire business model is based on selling you their pre-packaged foods. You know.. the auto-ship programs that tap your credit card for a few hundred bucks every single month.”


Dennis Milton talking about Weight Watchers and Nutri-System meal kits:

“Holy cow… have you ever read the ingredients labels on some of these pre-packaged foods..? It’s a Chemical Crap-Fest!”


Dianne McMannus at every sales presentation projects the image of Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper as a point of reference and proceeds to say…

“Over the last 2,000 years we’ve cured hundreds of diseases, put men on the moon and now with the internet we can communicate instantly anywhere in the world.


Yet, in that same amount of time, nothing has changed in the way our bodies react to food and activity. There’s no magic pill. No technology. Absolutely nothing that replaces proper nutrition and productive exercise. Period.

I hope you enjoyed these great statements and “one-liners.”


Please feel free to use any of them in your next presentation!


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