The 12 Absolute Truths of Weight-Loss


Here it is…


…a list of the “12 Absolutes” that everyone should know about weight-loss.


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But, first let’s acknowledge the #1 reason most people fail at weight-loss is IGNORANCE.   Period.


I know… it’s an uncomfortable statement. Sounds condescending.


So, let me clarify. People are NOT stupid.


But, the vast majority have no idea how their own bodies function.


(Most people know WAY MORE about how their smartphones operate!)


🤥 And, this particular ignorance opens the door to every “Weight-Loss Huckster” on the planet with diets, pills, powders, quick fixes and a host of crazy protocols that make no sense whatsoever!


It’s been going on for over 100 years… and now, with the internet and social media the weight-loss craziness has exploded!




From day #1 as a fitness resource our core product has been EDUCATION.  


Health and fitness, including long-term WEIGHT-LOSS starts with the BRAIN (as in knowledge = empowerment)


So, here are the 12 TOPICS we believe everyone should be taught either before or during their weight-loss journey – or any kind of health and fitness regimen.


✅   BASIC PHYSIOLOGY: How about just the basics like the difference between pounds-on-the-scale and body composition?

  • And, perhaps a brief explanation about increasing metabolism – and why restricted calorie dieting defeats the whole purpose.


✅   DIGESTION: People really have no idea how any of this works! Want proof? Check out this VIDEO.

  • Start with the chain of events: mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine to large intestine.
  • And, which foods leave the stomach first: fat, protein or carbs?


✅   CARBS: Yes, carbohydrates sure get a lot of attention these days. But most people don’t really understand the implications and differences between simple and complex carbs.


✅   PROTEIN: Here’s another popular topic with loads of mythology and misinformation. Their eyes pop out when they learn that too much protein will be converted to fat!

  • A great opportunity to introduce people to the world of amino acids (like essential vs. non-essential) and the best sources of protein in foods.


✅   FAT: Oh boy… where to even begin! Time to explain that not ALL fat is bad. In fact, fat is essential to good health. But, which ones?

  • Shall we compile a list of the good ones?
  • And, what the heck is “invisible fat?”


✅   AEROBIC ACTIVITY: Just ask this simple question: Tennis. Is it aerobic or anaerobic? About 78% will claim it’s aerobic.

  • Everybody knows the terms, but most don’t really understand much about aerobic glycolysis and how it relates to fat loss.


✅   ANAEROBIC ACTIVITY: It’s amazing when people learn about ATP, the lactic acid system and breakdown of sugar without oxygen.

  • All of a sudden the exercise protocol you recommend makes total sense! A rationale behind it all — amazing!


✅   VITAMINS: Not supplements. We’re talking about vitamins found in foods. What do they actually do?

  • If talking about supplements: —> Water soluble vs. fat soluble?
  • This is an excellent topic when discussing the immune system and Covid – not to mention a dozen other maladies!


✅   MINERALS: Again, not supplements. And, yes just about everybody knows about Calcium and bone health and Iron for blood building.

  • But, what about chromium, selenium and sodium… what do they do?
  • Are trace minerals as important as major minerals?


✅   WEIGHT TRAINING: Oh boy… here we go. Let’s first dispel the myth for all women. Weight training will NOT result in you bulking up and looking like Hulk Hogan! But, it will increase your metabolism and increase your ability to burn fat!

  • Why is weight training so important in regard to weight-loss and overall health?
  • Here’s a great opportunity to discuss the overload principle as it relates to strength vs. endurance.


✅   STRESS: Oh yes, stress is a HUGE factor in dealing with Weight-Loss (as well as a dozen other medical issues). But, wait, there’s also a form of “good stress!”

  • Once again, exercise and nutrition play a role in overall mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Great opportunity to talk about “Fight or Flight”


✅   FOODS: Let’s face it, the amount of overly processed foods, today, is pervasive – from gas stations and fast food to the grocery stores. As one person exclaimed, it’s a chemical “crapfest!”

  • And, even the attempts to eat “clean” require a good read through the labels… especially the organic labels!




Interestingly… less than 1% of health professionals ever teach their clients a structured course about their bodies.


Yes, some teach bits and pieces of it. But, nothing comprehensive.


What’s even more crazy, is that those who DO teach a course like this often generate a ton of new revenue!

So, if you’re looking to scale your business and generate a lot more revenue…


Is it time to release your inner teacher?



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