Unapologetic “Throw Down”


Do you ever wonder…. how successful health professionals invest their money?


Just last week, I had a conversation about this very topic with a successful multi-studio owner named, Raymond Sparks, (we’re building his new website).


We discussed how most health professionals will invest in certain things with ZERO questions asked.


Like a new piece of equipment, because, well, you absolutely need it to operate your business.


Or, retaining a bookkeeper because God knows you’re horrible with numbers and financials are super important.


And, of course, insurance… that’s a no-brainer!




But, how often do health professionals (including YOU) invest in something perceived as “non-essential.”


I’m not talking about a new bullet blender or a pair of jeans – type of investment.


When was the last time you really dug your heels into something BIG you seriously WANTED or NEEDED and unapologetically threw down your credit card number in the order form?


Like the expense of attending an industry trade show?


Or, enrolling in an expensive certification?


Or, dare I suggest, updating your website and leveling-up your digital presence (like Raymond is doing?)




Raymond knew his website was old and clunky — but, he just kept putting it off —> (non-essential).


His big “Ah-ha Moment” came when a new client told him that she almost didn’t even consider his studio because the website just looked like a “business that didn’t give a sh_t about anything!”


It was an “awakening!”


So, Raymond called me, ordered the  Ultimate WebSuite  and said, “Let’s do it!”




When I took a look at the back end of Raymond’s current website, I saw he had a fair amount of traffic coming in from paid Facebook and Google ads, but most visitors spent less than 2-minutes on his site. 


That’s NOT good.


The analytics also revealed there were very few “return visitors.”


The truth is, his website was literally chasing away potential clients.


I see this all the time.


Millions of prospects are visiting fitness websites – and making decisions based on this first impression!




I honestly think the biggest hesitation toward leveling-up a website is the technology.


Tech scares the crap out of most business owners including fit pros, wellness coaches, nutritionists – and, well, almost all small business owners.


I get it!


The technology and automation surrounding today’s modern websites is complex.


Plus, it requires CONTENT above and beyond just your services.


So, it’s a big project and with a significant budget.


That’s exactly why Raymond (and maybe you) come up with reason after reason to rationalize WHY not to invest in your website — and in yourself.


When I speak with most health professionals about their websites, I constantly hear this:

👉 “I don’t know what the future holds.”

👉 “The time just isn’t right.”

👉 “My situation is so uniquely different from everyone else.”




It seems like we are wired to block ourselves from getting the big things done.


We get bogged down in our day-to-day operations…. so, the big things get pushed down the road.


All health professionals know they absolutely MUST build out their “online” digital presence.


It’s the future of our industry — It’s the NEW NORMAL.


So, I know that thought of fixing your website – or building a new one – keeps nagging at you and popping into the back of your head.


It’s the one big project you KNOW you need to address, but…. ________ (let the rationalizations begin!)


So, when you say “I’m not ready to invest in building out my ‘online’ business.”


I know what you really mean:

👉 You don’t know where to begin with the planning – or what’s available.

👉 You’re terrified you might make all the wrong decisions.

👉 You’re afraid you might be scammed by some unscrupulous developers.




I understand why you feel stuck.


I do not take this lightly.


It’s exactly why I set my business up to literally hold your hand through the entire process — and long after your site is built.


Yes, I know this is a blatant “plug” for my business.


But, after 33 years, I know the fitness business intimately. Most developers do NOT.


So unlike most developers, my team and I add a huge value by including relevant content including:

✅ strategic messaging

✅ images

✅ copywriting

✅ lead magnets

✅ client handouts

✅ assessment forms

✅ healthy recipes

✅ eCommerce

✅ and, a multitude of industry specific functions that are crucial to your online presence.




Plus, there’s this:


Unlike most “one-and-done” website developers who disappear after the site is built, we stick around with a maintenance package that ensures you sleep at night.


This includes security, back-ups, updates and all the stuff that keeps your site up and running smoothly 24/7. (Did you know nearly a million websites went down during Black Friday? Not ours!) 


Plus, when you need to make minor tweaks, updates or need some solid marketing advice, I will personally get on the phone or Zoom to discuss it with you for FREE!


You won’t get this advantage anywhere else because most developers don’t really understand your business.




So, that’s the end of my sales pitch… but, please know this:


As you head into 2023 your website and overall digital appearance is more important than ever!


Whether you hire us or anyone else — this is really all about YOU taking action for your business.


You can count on this…


There will always be 34,829 reasons not to invest your time, money and energy into your online business.


But, one thing I can promise.


Once you do, things will change for the better.


The way YOU and YOUR BUSINESS show up in the world will be radically improved.


And, once you have a solid website and online strategy combined with your passion for helping clients reach their goals, well, it all seems to fall right into place!


Growth and profitability!

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