Email: Offer vs. Nurture


There are two (2) types of very necessary emails that all health professionals, including you, should be sending out.


There’s a huge difference between an Offer Campaign and a Nurture Campaign.

And, you should definitely be using BOTH.


These are a carefully composed series of emails that are designed to “close-the-deal” — usually on a low cost special program (under $500).

OFFER email campaigns typically use “urgency” tactics through the use of countdown timers, limited product availability (scarcity), disappearing discounts and manipulative verbiage to encourage a purchase before the offer goes away.

This time of year… OFFER emails are just flooding everyone’s inbox. After all, it is January!!

From product launches and coaching programs to subscriptions and memberships… they’re everywhere!

Heck, I use them myself!

Plus, with OFFER emails you can measure results (traffic, conversions, leads, ratios, etc.).

An OFFER Campaign works — and it has its place.

Make no mistake. The fitness industry lives almost 100% on this sales-driven email tactic.

But there’s more to email marketing than just OFFER Campaigns.


NURTURE email campaigns are quite different.

They are most effective for high-ticket, premium services and products (above $500+) because the strategy is designed to build trust, breed confidence and create a pre-sales environment.

Nurturing email campaigns are NOT sales-driven, but rather marketing-driven.

Instead of urgency tactics, Nurture Campaigns focus on value by providing credible, useful and actionable content to the recipient… for free.

Nurturing emails often contain things like recipes, exercise tips and product reviews as well some personal or local information that allows the reader to feel like he or she “knows” you.

If your nurturing campaign is successful, you will literally SKIP the sales process altogether.

That’s because you’ve already convinced the prospect that YOU (and your business) have what THEY WANT (without any high pressure sales tactics).

And, they want to work with YOU (and/or your staff).


The one thing I can absolutely tell you about NURTURE CAMPAIGNS is this:

The most successful marketers of high-ticket products and services (in all industries) use them constantly.

In fact, they send out way more Nurture Emails than Offer Emails.

That’s how they build their email lists, grow their communities and convert prospects into purchasers.

At Private Label Fitness, our high-ticket services ( Ultimate WebSuite, Digital Welcome Kit, Onboard 101, Dropship) are usually purchased as a result of building trust through non-sales nurturing email campaigns and 1:1 “honest” conversations.

If you’ve purchased from me, we probably talked a lot via phone, email, text, zoom — maybe all of them!


Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this.

It’s because social media is becoming “deader-than-dead” for small business owners.

And, organic posting only reaches about 5 people per thousand.

Latest stats show that even Facebook Group participation is falling off.

So, that’s why EMAIL is in your future if you plan to market your business.

It’s still one of the most EFFECTIVE sales and marketing tactics available to small business owners… like us!

The more you can learn about email marketing – like “OFFER vs. NURTURE,” the more results you’ll achieve.

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