Window Shopping for Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition


Have you ever just gone “window shopping?”

Like… downtown — or at a mall — or maybe even a swanky “fashion district” like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills?

At that moment you have no intention to purchase. Instead, you’re self-educating as to “what’s new” …. how much it costs and “who” is making it available.

Savvy retail marketers understand this.

That’s why they spend buckets of money on their “Window Displays.”

Their 3-step process is:

✅ (Step #1) Attract customer attention at the window…

✅ (Step #2) Entice customers to enter the store…

✅ (Step #3) Offer enough value for customers to either purchase products or leave contact information for follow-up…


I bring this up because in the new world of online fitness marketing people are “window shopping” all the time!

From the comfort of their homes — everywhere on mobile — even at work (shhhhh… !)

Just think about that for a moment.

People are online shopping 24/7 from all over the world!


How many people have “window shopped” your website and made a judgement about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS — without you ever knowing about it?

How many people “bookmarked” your site so they can easily return?

How do you compare against your competitors (who also have “windows”).

What “value” do you offer your window shoppers?

Will they come back..?


Here’s a marketing reality.

Imagine this scenario: A “window shopper” visits two different fitness websites with essentially the same services:

One site offers:

✅ descriptions of services, programs, schedule and staff

The other site offers:

✅ descriptions of services, programs, schedule and staff

✅ it’s own line of branded apparel

✅ it’s own line of branded supplements

✅ an up-to-date blog with actionable information

✅ online workout videos on-demand

✅ a list of healthy recipesdownloadable handouts, etc

I can assure you the second fitness business will attract, maintain and convert way more prospects than the first one.

And, it will sell more premium services and products generating much higher margins and net profits.

Sound crazy? Maybe….but it’s happening right now! (I’m working with a few of them…!)


Listen, if you are a boutique studio or a small to mid-sized club, consider conducting an informal audit of your current website.

And, when you do it, pretend you are a digital “window shopper” visiting your website for the very first time.

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