A Fitness Contrarian


I have to admitcontrarian entrepreneurs are some of my favorite people.

You know the type…

They’re the ones who buck the popular trends and do things their own way.

You probably know a few…. Or, maybe you’re a contrarian, yourself!

Holly Mitterson, owner of a small women’s boutique studio in NC, is definitely a contrarian.

Here’s why:

The Challenge:

While thousands of studios and clubs are running various “Challenges” designed to increase physical activity, Holly decided to run a “Challenge” designed to increase knowledge and awareness.

As an Onboard 101 admin, she formatted a 6-Day Knowledge Challenge for $99 per participant.

Rules were simple:

1.) SUNDAY STARTING BLOCK: Starting on a Sunday, each participant must complete two (2) Chapters each day in Onboard 101 with Quiz Results = 80% or higher.

Going beyond two (2) chapters per day (to get ahead) is not allowed.

2.) FRIDAY SHOWDOWN: Then, on Friday, the first participant to complete the Onboard 101 Course (Chapters 11 & 12) with the highest overall score for the entire course is declared the WINNER.

🏆 = Quiz Scores + Time Stamp = Winner


The awards are simple, too. They are handed out in a little ceremony on Saturday:

🥇 1st Prize: $250 Gift Certificate to local fashion boutique or sporting goods store (support local businesses).


🥈 2nd Prize: 5-Pack of Car Washes (value $125 – support local business)


🥉 3rd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to local farmers market (support local businesses).


☕️ 4th + All participants who completed the course received a $5.00 gift card to a local coffee shop.


One of the key advantages to Holly’s 6-Day Knowledge Challenge is that Onboard 101 is 100% automated.

So, she did not need to spend any time administering it.

A simple login to her dashboard displayed everything she needed to know.

As a funny side note, some of her ladies stayed up late on Thursday night waiting for the clock to tick past midnight so they could be the first to complete the course!


✅ Holly’s initial enrollment totaled 37 participants @$99 = $3,663

✅ More than half were non-active members of her facility

✅ Only four (4) people did not complete the course

✅ Total Expense (prizes and promo) = $800

✅ Net Profit $2,863

👉 💲 And, get this, over the following two weeks, Holly also gained 8 new clients who participated in the challenge and wanted to take the next step!

Quick, Easy & Profitable:

According to Holly, this is the quickest, most efficient $2,863 she’s ever made.

The key is in having an automated system that allows her to run her regular business and the challenge at the same time.

So… if you’re a bit of a contrarian, yourself, and looking to do things a little differently, there are five (5) profit-generating videos based on the Onboard 101 platform: RIGHT HERE…

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