The Fitness Results Mantra


Over and over I keep hearing this advice:

“Fitness professionals and health coaches must… absolutely MUST promise RESULTS in order to attract new clients.”


And this advice is served up using metaphors and analogies.


Have you heard them…?


Like this one: “… an appliance repair guy must FIX the appliance… RESULTS… or he doesn’t get paid.”

And, this: “… football coaches must WIN games… RESULTS… or they get fired.

The analogies go on and on about various professions that must deliver RESULTS… lawyers, doctors, accountants, sales professionals, etc. — right down to the kid who mows the lawn!

It’s either done or it’s not. Black or white. Win or lose.

This “RESULTS” mantra has been preached for many years. “Sell the dream,” they advise.

And, as an industry, we’re hooked on it! Take a look at most fitness industry advertising. We definitely “sell the dream” using all kinds of copywriting and imagery that show —> results… RESULTS… RESULTS..!

Look at most websites. Look at social media!


Yup, this approach is consistently used throughout our industry – and many others!

But, it’s old…. and tired!

First off… let’s break it down….

An appliance is an inanimate object. It breaks. It usually can be fixed.

football coach may lose games, but, not because the team didn’t play to win. Maybe the other teams were extremely talented. (Look how long it took Andy Reid to win a Super Bowl!)

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, sales people and even the kid who mows the lawn — all have a binary end point... it’s either done — or it’s not.

These analogies and the “Results Mantra” simply don’t work for serious, dedicated health and fitness professionals who are working with diverse groups of complex human beings — all of whom have different sets of challenges and goals.


Yes, there will always be “price shoppers.” But, do you really want those clients? Leave them to the “get ’em-through-the-door,” churn-‘n-burn, bottom feeders who compete on price.

Listen, the world has forever changed. Not just because of the pandemic. But, because of a whole new generation of consumers who place a high value on honesty, transparency and integrity. They have already influenced the market place.

They do NOT jump at the lowest price.

Instead, they research what they want (due diligence), and then build a RELATIONSHIP with the service or product that they believe will provide the BEST VALUE for them, personally (it’s more than just results.)


This is the exact reason I keep harping on BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with:

  • existing clients
  • inactive clients
  • prospects
  • vendors
  • neighbors
  • community organizations
  • schools
  • municipalities
  • police / fire depts.

And use the most effective ONLINE TACTICS including:

  • your website
  • email
  • social media
  • webinars
  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts

As we enter the new “post pandemic” environment, it’s super clear that personal trainers, health coaches and lifestyle consultants are shifting toward the hybrid model.

But, marketing and generating new profits with online services is a whole new ball game.

In a nutshell, prospective clients will research, learn and get to know a “service provider” like you, through your “digital presence” and your “online messaging” like what’s conveyed in this video.


Ultimately, it all starts with your website.

Sure, prospects will visit your Facebook and Instagram accounts, listen to your podcast, view your videos on YouTube, but, ultimately, the CONVERSION… the point at which they decide to CONTACT YOU will most likely happen on your website.

And, that’s why your website and the “digital experience” you offer your online prospects is so important.

With that in mind — and if you’re shifting toward the “hybrid model” — take a look at your own website and view it as if you were a “prospective online client” visiting for the first time.

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Does my business look professional?

  • Does it tell people who I am and what I believe?

  • Does it offer compelling and actionable content?

  • Would people comeback to learn more?

  • Is there something of enough value for a visitor to submit an optin form?

For reference, take a look at all the CONTENT we offer on the ULTIMATE WEB SUITE (yes, I know this is a blatant pitch!) —> CLICK or TAP HERE…

Even if you’re not the least bit interested in this offer, still, take a look. This is where the industry is headed with online relationship marketing: —> CLICK or TAP HERE…

It’s a ton of content. Some of it informational. Some of it actionable. All of it useable.

And, through this informational, actionable and usable content, YOU and your business will be perceived as a a total professional. An authority. A leader and a credible expert.

Yes, all of this without ever meeting you in person!

That’s because you provided a positive digital experience.

I’d be willing to bet you already have outstanding relationships with your current clients who come to your studio or club. Most successful professionals do.

So, the challenge with “online services” is in developing those same outstanding relationships with complete strangers who may be visiting your website from 1,000 miles away.

Start with CONTENT.

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