Unlock Your New Revenue Streams

Why YOU Should Market YOUR OWN line of Branded Products


As a health and fitness professional, you have a fantastic opportunity just waiting for you.


It’s hard to say why almost 90% of all health and fitness professionals miss this financial opportunity, but, no doubt it’s due to the unrelenting focus on getting new clients and selling sessions, classes and memberships.


Today, you can tap into a whole new level of ongoing revenue and new profits. 


And, there are plenty of good reasons why you should explore this opportunity and invest in your business and your brand. 


Diversifying Revenue Streams:

Talk to any financial expert and he or she will tell you how important it is to diversify your income sources.


Relying solely on service fees for classes, sessions and memberships will limit your earning potential and leave you vulnerable to market fluctuations.


By introducing branded products, (like tracking journals, supplements, apparel and other branded accessories) you create multiple streams of revenue that will help you weather uncertain times and provide stability to your business.


Strengthening Your Brand Identity:

Your BRAND is a reflection of your business and YOU as an expert and authority of health and fitness.


Marketing your own products allows you to strengthen your brand identity and differentiate yourself from the competition.  Especially that competitor down the street who continues to wear Nike apparel and sends clients to GNC and Walmart for nutritional supplements. 


When clients purchase and use your branded products, they literally become ambassadors for your business, spreading the word about your proprietary offerings and thus, increasing your market reach.


Building Client Loyalty:

Offering your own line of branded products also fosters a deeper connection between you and your clients.


By providing them with high-quality, carefully curated products that align with your values and expertise, you will enhance their overall experience.   As a result, they become incredibly loyal to your brand – and your business.  

In fact, if given the chance, your clients really want to SUPPORT YOU and YOUR BUSINESSeven if it costs a little more!


This loyalty translates into repeat business, increased referrals and a thriving, long-term client base.


Increasing Profit Margins:

When you market and sell your own products, you have more control over pricing and profit margins.


As with all proprietary brands, your products should be positioned as a “Premium” value.  Not the stuff they’d find at Walmart or Target. 


This premium positioning allows you to set prices that reflect the value you provide and ultimately boost your profitability.


Leveraging Expertise and Trust:

As a health and fitness professional, you possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

By developing and selling your own branded products, you will automatically and naturally leverage this expertise and build greater trust with your clients.  


After all, your expertise is why they came to you in the first place!


Since they already trust your guidance they are more likely to try and embrace products that bear your brand name.


By offering products you truly believe in, you provide an “insider” holistic approach to their own journey toward health and fitness.


Why Private Label Fitness?

For over 35 years, Private Label Fitness has been the #1 resource for health and fitness professionals looking to venture into branded product lines.


With our proprietary products, you will benefit from our industry expertise, quality assurance and proven success in the market place.


Our range of customizable products enables you to create unique offerings tailored specifically to your brand and client base.


Becoming our fitness partner will definitely save you time, money and the complexities of starting from scratch.  This will allow you to maintain a focus on what you do best.


By marketing and selling your own lines of branded products, you unlock a world of potential revenue streams for your health and fitness business.


It’s an opportunity to:

✅  Strengthen your brand,

✅  Deepen client loyalty

✅  Increase profitability 

✅  Leverage your expertise


Let’s get started…

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