It’s Going to Get Weird – In a Good Way


Our industry is moving “fast forward” on several different fronts.

It’s exciting!

According to research “online training” is expected to grow another 27% over the next 5 years. That’s HUGE!

Then, there’s AI (artificial intelligence beyond ChapGPT) that is going to impact the way consumers use our services — and the way we operate our businesses.


Without going too far into the weeds… I can tell you without hesitation… whether you like it or hate it — AI is here to stay.

And, it is going to have a profound effect on the fitness industry — and most likely your business.

At some point, as a health professional and business owner, you’ll need to make THIS DECISION:

👉 EMBRACE or IGNORE the technology.


Let me share a little personal story with you….

During the 1980’s, I was VP Marketing for Guitar Center and was good friends with numerous studio musicians, rock stars and local Los Angeles players.

In 1980 this same type of “tech revolution” occurred in the music business when the first electronic drum machines were introduced.

I can assure you 100% of the drummers and percussionists HATED them.

However, slowly but surely, the drum machines gained traction among recording studio owners and record producers (the money).

And, eventually, Prince used the Linn LM-1 drum machine on the song “Private Joy” in 1981 on his Controversy album.


The electronic drum machines divided drummers and percussionists into two (2) camps:

✅ Those who embraced the new technology

✅ Those who ignored it.

The studio drummers and percussionists who embraced the new tech (and learned the machines) updated their resumes to include “digital drum machine programming.”

You see, most recording studio owners, producers and non-drummers didn’t know much about percussion — much less how to program these machines. So the smart drummers and percussionist ADDED to the services they could provide.

They expanded their skill sets to include both physical drums and digital drum programming.

Some of these drummers and percussionists became incredibly wealthy during this era (early adopters) as all kinds of artists, including Michael Jackson, embraced the digital drum machines.

Meanwhile, those who ignored the tech found themselves with fewer gigs and, in the worst cases, having to get a “day job.”


Here’s my point.

The tech is here to stay and it’s ultimately up to YOU whether to embrace it or ignore it.

Drummer’s who ignored the tech never went away.

And, there will always be a place for health and fitness professionals who don’t even have a website.

But the “career track” drummers and percussionists who earn a living and make the most money are those who can play real drums and program digital drum machines.

You get my drift….

As always, I wish you continued success with the best products branded with YOUR LOGO!!! 🚀

Art Rothafel

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