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For the entire 35 years I’ve been involved in the health and fitness business the debate over “selling supplements” has raged on.


Here’s what I know to be true: 


👉   If you don’t take supplements yourself, then, you shouldn’t be selling them. Period. It’s disingenuous. 


👉   It is totally legal and ethical for health and fitness professionals to market and sell supplements. Everything depends on how you present the products.


If not qualified as a nutritionist, you can’t say, “Take this XYZ product.”


🚫  That’s “prescribing.” 


But you can say, “A lot of people have purchased this XYZ product.”


✅  That’s an “observation.”


I know it’s splitting hairs but it is literally the legal difference.


👉   Insurance companies who state you’re liable for any claims are simply ignorant of food product liability law.  Yes, you would be “named” as the “place of purchase,” but total liability rests with the manufacturer of the product. Period.


✅  Plus, when you purchase products from us, you are automatically put on a “rider” with our manufacturer’s insurance company.


✅   FYI: In the 35 years that we’ve been producing products we’ve NEVER had a claim.




I realize there are many health professionals who think nutritional supplements are a waste of money. 


Some of it has to do with personal beliefs.  O.K. fine… I get that.  You’d lose credibility if you were to market something you don’t believe in.


But, sometimes it’s due to certain gurus and even certification agencies who advise that it’s “beyond a fit pro’s scope.”  It’s not.  They are dead wrong (see above about “presentation”).


Then, there are those who, for no good reason, have decided supplements are somehow evil… and have no role in helping a person achieve his or her fitness goals.   This is just plain stupid!




Yet, despite the “nay sayers,” I do not know of a single professional athlete who does not supplement his or her optimized menu plan.


Yes, the actual men and women who eat the most nutritionally dense foods incorporated into their optimized menu plans, realize that they are still deficient, and, therefore, include nutritional supplements – often with every meal!


So… I will probably never understand why more health professionals who work with physically active people and athletes are not actively marketing and selling supplements.


It just doesn’t add up!


And, due to the nature of my business, his or her own brand of supplements. 




I actually think it’s the duty of all health professionals to educate clients on the importance of nutrition and that includes the role of supplementation.  


And, then, to offer them the highest quality supplement solutions available so that they can purchase from you with confidence.  


Or, at the very least, educate them on what to look for in a quality formulation (digestive enzymes, stevia, etc.).


It’s a true calling and joy to be part of person’s health journey. 


It’s also our job to make sure they are on the right path!


As always, I wish you continued success with the best products branded with YOUR LOGO!!! 🚀

Art Rothafel

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