3-Box Action Plan for Health Professionals



The 3-Box Action Plan was shared with me by Heather Jenkins, a super successful health coach and studio owner operating out of 3,000 sq. ft. with two full-time staff/trainers. 


She’s not a marketing expert or guru.   She’s just plain smart and knows how to make money in this crazy business.


Her motto is the old adage:


“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”


In a nutshell, she breaks down all of her sales and marketing efforts into three boxes that all run simultaneously.   


It’s pretty simple.  The boxes are: 


#1.) Hot Leads

#2.) Warm Prospects 

#3.) Cold Audience


From there, all planning including time and money are allocated to each box based on the priorities at hand.


For example, if their groups are maxed out and the 1:1 appointment book is full, the focus is on boxes #2 and #3.


On the other hand, if they need more new clients right away (like post Covid or summer slowdown), they put 80% focus on box #1.


But, all three boxes are running all the time, simultaneously.  


It’s a constant conveyor belt.


Of course, there are many details to each box.   But, for now, let’s just imagine YOU are using her proven 3-Box Action Plan.


BOX #1 – How to Get Immediate Clients

Feature: Live Event Seminars and Talks


Imagine stepping into a room where you address an audience of 30 to 50 people — all listening to you, eagerly absorbing everything you have to say about Weight-Management, Body Transformation and overall Health.


These are NOT just random people; they are potential clients who are genuinely interested in your expertise and what you have to say. 


Otherwise, they would not have attended your event in the first place.  


Live events create a unique and powerful space for real-time interaction – getting eyeball-to-eyeball, belly-to-belly allowing these prospects to get to SEE YOU, HEAR YOU and KNOW YOU! 


You may be surprised to learn that most live events typically enroll 50% of the attendees into associated programs and services. 


The amazing benefits of live events include:


✅  Hot Leads: Attendees who show up are already interested, making them ripe for immediate conversions (typically 50%).


✅  Personal Engagement: Your audience will appreciate how you personally demonstrate your expertise, answer their questions and create an instant rapport resulting in immediate or future conversions and referrals.


✅  Brand Building: Even among those who do not convert immediately, a live event will boost your professional reputation, reinforce your credibility and make a lasting impression.


BOX #2How to Convert Website Visitors

Feature: Nurturing Emails to Warm Prospects



You’ve done a fantastic job attracting new visitors to your website and providing valuable information in return for their email addresses through optin forms.


Plus, you have email addresses from your live events, referrals, social media platforms and other sources. 


But what happens next?


Action Box #2 is all about reaching out to these “warm prospects” and keeping them engaged with you and your business.


Your nurturing emails are not sales pitches.  Instead they offer “actionable content” for your prospects including:


👍 Tips about healthy lifestyle options

👍 Grocery store hacks

👍 Healthy recipes 

👍 Explanations of various exercise techniques 

👍  Topics of your expertise and knowledge


By employing a sequence of nurturing emails, you foster a consistent line of communication, you build trust and reinforce your credibility – thus, gently guiding them toward becoming your clients (conversion).


The benefits of nurturing emails, include:


✅  Top of Mind: By popping into their inbox on a consistent schedule, you keep the topic of health on their radar — and, you’ll be the first point of contact when they finally ready to embark on their journey.


✅  Higher Conversion Rate:  Research has proven over and over that a nurturing email sequence progressively increases the likelihood of conversion — turning warm prospects into paying clients.


✅  Trust & Credibility: Regular, value-filled emails paint a picture of reliability and expertise.  This often leads to referrals of friends, family and co-workers – even if the recipient has yet to convert!



Box #3 – Initiating Contact with a Cold Audience

Feature: Lead Magnets on Social Media & Opt-in Forms



The vast world of social media is teeming with potential clients.  


This is true most especially if you offer online services like (premium memberships, video workouts, Onboard 101, etc.) and products (eCommerce).


With the right type of incentives posted on social media you can attract them to your website. These “lead magnets” might include: 


👍 eBook or List

👍 Free Detox Plan

👍 30-Day Free Online Fitness Challenge

👍 Free Workout Videos

👍 Free Workout Plan

👍 Free Online Fitness Consultation


Once a “cold audience person” lands on your website, a simple opt-in form captures his or her first name and email address thus automatically converting a cold lead into a warm prospect and a new contact for your email list.


The success of box #3 is dependent on whether you are running paid ads or organic posts.  Certainly paid ads will result in much more exposure and traffic to your website.


The benefits of reaching out to a cold audience, include:


✅  Expanded Reach: Depending on how you use social media (paid vs. organic) you will reach an expanded audience well beyond your your existing clients and current email list. 


✅  Optimized Lead Collection: Rather than hoping and waiting for prospects to contact you, proactive use of social media with lead magnets and incentives will help you collect new contact information making future outreach strategies seamless.


Keep it Simple


Sales and marketing in the health and fitness space can be a complicated maze.


I really like the clarity of Heather’s approach with her 3 Boxes.  She doesn’t waste a lot time being “scattered” in a million different directions.


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