Above Average Health Professionals


Let’s just assume you’re great at what you do.


You probably have one or more certifications. Perhaps a degree.


You probably attend conferences, workshops and seminars to improve and further your skill sets. 


After all, as a modern health professional it’s super important to keep up with the latest research, techniques and protocol in order to help your clients achieve their goals. 




This forward progression adds self-confidence and builds trust among your clients, staff and partners.


But, what about prospects who don’t know you?  Who’ve never worked with you?   


How do THEY perceive you? 


How do they judge your qualifications and skills?


In the “real world” most folks don’t really know the difference between credible certifications like NASM, ACSM, NSCA, ISSA, etc., and the phony weekend certs that have no credibility whatsoever.


It’s the same as with car mechanics, plumbers and electricians


Do you REALLY know what their certifications mean..? 




Prospects who are unfamiliar with you and your services only recognize what their eyes see and what their instincts tell them.


You see, it’s almost NEVER about the letters after your name.


Most people already “assume” you have the qualifications they seek. 


It’s almost a non-issue.


So, when prospects visit your website for the very first time, they look for value and attempt to get a sense of what YOU and YOUR BUSINESS offer — and how you present it. 


After all, if they are going to spend the money, they want to know what YOU bring to the relationship — 


Sometimes, what your prospects truly value is not what you think!




When we first introduced the Onboard 101 “online course” our surveys with consumers revealed something we hadn’t even considered! 


The course added credibility and value to the clubs, studios and trainers who offered it.


And, then we read the actual comments:


“…they weren’t just about sessions. They actually cared about increasing my overall knowledge about health!”


“…it’s more than a gym… it’s like a health university…”


“…my personal trainer knows more than my own doctor about preventive health…” 


One newspaper wrote this about a small boutique studio in Indiana: 


“…they not only preach it, but they teach it – so they must be good!”




Even as a seasoned marketing professional, I was surprised at how much VALUE prospects and clients placed on educationeven among those who never enrolled in the course, themselves! 


As we pursued this “value proposition” more thoroughly, we found that offering a credible online course projects an immediate sense of “authority.”  


When prospects see a structured course they feel assured you “know your stuff!  That you’re legit!


As a result, they are more apt to retain you and your services over a competitor who does not project the same level of competency.




Whether you invest in a pre-built course like our Onboard 101 branded with your logo, or create your own – an educational offering will instantly convey credibility, authority and trust.


Clients, referrals and prospects will immediately perceive the VALUE and appreciate the effort, dedication and knowledge that goes into such a comprehensive offering.


As a result, you’ll never be seen as “just be another fit pro.”


You’ll be THE health professional that everyone trusts and respects.


To your continued SUCCESS!







Art Rothafel

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