It’s the Little Things in Business


I don’t know about you, 

…but I find so much of success in business as well as most peoples’ personal lives are all about the “little things.”

And, yet, those little things are HUGE for the people they affect.

For example:

A Little Thing About Personal Recognition

If you’re a business owner, you probably already know to greet your clients and members by their NAMES… right?

But, what about your training staff? What about your front desk personnel?

Two days a week I go to a big box club where the front desk personnel not only don’t greet anyone (due to automated checkin) but I’m totally ignored because they’re glued to their phones!

Successful businesses understand how incredibly validating it is when customers/clients/members are greeted by their NAMES – as opposed to, “Hey dude…” or, “Hi, how are you?” Or…nothing at all!

It’s a little thing...

A Little Thing About Customer Relations (CRM)

If you’ve ever called my company, you know I personally answer every single phone call – weekends, holidays, vacations and even at 4:00 a.m. for the east coasters!

Frankly, for me it’s no big deal because I always have my phone with me.

But, I have over 100 testimonials from our fitness partners who mention how awesome it is that I answer the phone! They tell me it gives them confidence to know that if there’s an issue with an order or a product… or whatever:

👉 They’re talking directly to the owner of the company…

👉 They’re talking to the guy who can make things happen for them…

👉 They’re talking to the person who can solve their problem…

It’s a little thing...

A Little Thing About Websites

When we build out websites for fitness professionals, studios and clubs, we purposely do NOT add “exit links” that redirect to social media platforms — or any other 3rd party websites.

Last year, I was asked by a client who spends $3,000 per month on Facebook ads to drive traffic to her website, this question:

Her: “Why don’t you have links from my website to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts like my last website?
Me: “If you’re spending 3K per month to drive traffic to your website, you want visitors to STAY ON YOUR WEBSITE!
So, we purposely do NOT provide an “easy exit” to social media platforms — where they’ll become distracted and probably not return!”
Her: “No one has ever mentioned this to me before. It makes total sense.”
Me: “I know. Most web developers are designers and don’t think strategically. We don’t follow the herd!”

Her online conversions (sales) increased by 36%..!

It’s a little thing…

A Little Thing About Ancillary Profits

For over 35 years, the most successful health and fitness business owners have always made an effort to market and sell lots of “little things” such as:

✅ Supplements

✅ Water and Juices

✅ Apparel

✅ Books

✅ Online Affiliate Products

And, while the individual purchases never seem like much $$$…. at the end of the month it all adds up.

There are several small training facilities we service who earn over $2,000 in net profit each month with just their own line of supplements…. every single month. That’s $24,000 NET PROFIT every year… and growing!

Sometimes, it’s a bunch of little things…

One More Personal Little Thing…

Last month, while driving home from a meeting, on a whim I stopped and bought some flowers at a small boutique near my house and brought them home to my wife, Gigi.

No birthday. No anniversary. No special occasion whatsoever!

The look on her face said it all. You’d think she had just won the lottery!

Honestly…. beyond business success, there’s so much beauty in the little things!



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