Here Comes 2024

Here are some interesting trends affecting all of our businesses this coming year….

👉 Growing Stats: According to WW (formerly Weight Watchers) over 42% of Americans are obese, with some studies suggesting overweight and obesity are responsible for 1,300 per day! (Wow!)

👉 New Competitor?: Here comes NIKE with their own NIKE STUDIOS. Can’t help but wonder if this trend might expand among other product manufacturers. Who would be next? Oakley? Patagonia? Hmmm…..

👉 What About Apple?: Personally, I’m keeping an eye on APPLE. They definitely see a place for themselves in the CONSUMER HEALTH MARKET. They’ve been very quiet throughout the AI conversation. Ya gotta believe they’re up to something..!

👉 GLP-1 Insanity: It stands for Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) and whether YOU care about it or not… your clients and prospects are hearing all about these new injectables every single day. Today’s market for GLP-1 drugs is $11.87 billion!

 💉 Wegovy

💉 Ozempic

💉 Mounjaro

If you are interested in the ridiculous side effects of these drugs, like “intestinal blockage” (common) to the more severe issues ranging from acute gall bladder disease to full blown pancreatitis – CLICK or TAP HERE

Listen… the #1 reason people join a club or retain a coach/trainer is weight loss. They say it in different ways, but when you peal back the onion, almost 90% of all clients/members want to get “smaller” – not bigger!

The instant gratification through these so-called wonder drugs are definitely going to interfere with what we all do for a living. So, the more you know about it, the better equipped you’ll be to answer the next prospect who says, “I’m thinking of trying Ozempic”


Here’s to an outstanding year of growth and revenue!

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