• Generate New Profits
  • Triple Your Personal Income
  • Capture Leads, Clients and Members
  • Explode Your Conversion Rates
  • Triple the Value of Your Fitness Brand
  • Gain More Free Time
  • Create the Ultimate Fitness Lifestyle
  • Turn Your Passion into a Fitness Empire

Look… I know why you’re in the fitness business. You love what you do! You help clients and members achieve results. You change their lifestyles and behaviors as well as foster those big breakthroughs — Sometimes, you even save their lives.

But, it takes more than raw passion to drive a successful fitness business….


The “New Secret” to Fitness Marketing

  • Let’s be Honest: Something about the fitness business is really different. You know it. You can feel it. It’s been gnawing at you. Here’s what you’re feeling: The industry is accelerating. What worked last year, won’t work this year. And, what worked just 2 years ago is now ancient history. Successful fitness marketing is literally changing day-to-day. What you’re feeling is the desire to address it.
  • Take This to the Bank: If you don’t embrace at least some of the new fitness marketing techniques and business building strategies — you are likely to lose some of your best and most loyal members and clients to the competition.
  • Next Generation Fitness Pros… already know how to implement the kinds of ideas that create new revenue and increase profits — the programs that immediately pay for themselves — the services that instantly generate margins up to 600%. Yes… the kind of innovation that guarantees GROWTH and SUCCESS in today’s accelerated markets.
  • You Can See It: Just take a look at the most successful clubs, studios, trainers and fitness entrepreneurs. They roll-out new self-branded programs. They take advantage of new media and implement “funnel-marketing” strategies. They deploy web-based tactics to communicate with their members and clients. They create a culture and community of brand loyalists. And that’s just the beginning…

Everything YOU Need to Know

Yes…! Sales, sales and more sales… This membership is all about fitness sales, marketing and leveraging YOUR brand. It will demonstrate, step-by-step how to create multiple new profit centers through sound and proven techniques and tactics. It applies to all fitness environments including clubs, studios, boot camps, spas, wellness sites, medical rehab and anything related to fitness marketing.

#1 Untapped Market... According to American Sports Data, “Weight-Management is the #1 reason a person joins a club or hires a personal trainer.” We wrote the “bible” on this topic! It is the most comprehensive and highly regarded manual in the fitness industry. If you implement just 25% of the action plans, your membership will pay for itself almost immediately.

Profit Generators…! Real tools. Real Applications. Real Profits. Listen, anyone can create an “info” membership site. You deserve so much more. Depending on what you choose, your membership advantage will generate unlimited income from your very own branded, web-based applications. These proprietary platforms create multiple new profit centers just for you. In other words, these memberships not only pay for themselves, BUT, continue to pull-in new sales revenue for your business, FOREVER!

Lifetime Member

The Lifetime Membership is just that… a one-time, flat-fee Membership… that includes exclusive tools to help turn YOU into a Fitness Super Power… for LIFE! So, while we constantly upgrade, revise and add new content, you never pay another penny… ever.

Beyond the proprietary articles, downloads and videos, as a Lifetime Member, you also get the industry acclaimed Marketing Manual, “How to Market & Sell Weight-Management in Fitness Environment.”

The Marketing Manual is specifically designed to market your weight-management programs, personal training packages, nutrition programs, fitness contests and corporate wellness programs.

It’s more than 100 online pages of marketing, sales, administration, operations and financial information including guidelines, tips, check lists, promotions, videos, slideshows, free downloads and even profit calculators to help determine pricing and margins of different packages, bundles and configurations.

The Marketing Manual is the most comprehensive manual in the fitness industry. Period. More than 15 years worth of successful information have been completely updated, revised and converted into the most robust interactive, online resource available. Take a sneak peak at the Table of Contents...

Join for a Lifetime…!

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